Tuesday, August 23

T-shirt Re-fasion

Do you have any favorite old t-shirt? You know, the ones that are just really worn out or have a hole in the arm pit? Yep, that was my t-shirt. My very first UNK t-shirt and it was so comfy and it got me through 4 years of college but it just started to come apart at the arms. Well, this simple little pin saved my shirt...

Tonight, I got out my old t-shirt which I had already cut the arms off of. I cut off the neck and folded it down and hemmed it. Then I cut off the bottom hem and cut off another piece about 1/2" and threaded that piece through the top of the shirt and tied a bow. And...ta-da!
A super cute and comfy tank and I didn't have to throw out my favorite tee. Go UNK!

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