Saturday, July 28

Nursery Inspriration

Hello! I hope that you are all having a happy Saturday! I've been busy sewing curtains for the baby room all morning. I will hopefully be able to share those later this week. In the mean time, I thought I would share some inspiration for the baby room. But before I do that, I should probably tell you all that baby is a....GIRL!!!
You might have already known this if you happened to check out my layout in the post below. If not, that's okay! I've mostly been searching Pinterest and Project Nursery for baby room ideas. I'm not a huge girly girl and I know I hated my pink bedroom when I was younger so I'm trying to pull in a color that will grow with her (and maybe work for a boy later too). Teal/Aqua! Here's a whole bunch of my inspiration pics. Be back later to show you the room board that I put together of all my favorite pieces.

Monday, July 23


Hi! I wanted to stop by this week and share some of the cool stuff that is going on over at Design House Digital! If you didn't know, I'm a Decorator over at DHD and one of the really cool things that we get to do is host challenges. This week I'm hosting the 4Play challenge. This is a challenge where 4 different kits are featured and on sale for the whole day on Monday. (1 kit is free and 3 are only $1) Here are the 4 kits that I picked.
Then myself and 3 other decorators share pages that we have created with only these 4 kits. Then you are invited to play along at the DHD blog all week. Next Monday, a new 4Play challenge will be posted along with a winner from the previous week. And you could win a gift card to DHD! So check out the inspiration and then come play along!

Sunday, July 8

Here I Am...Plus One!

Okay, so I just looked and I've been gone since the Super Bowl! What?! So a quick update. I got a new job in November of 2011 and I've been busy with that but it's slowing down as I get in the groove of things. It's one of those jobs where I can't get on the internet so it's been hard keeping up with the crafting/scrapbooking/pinning world. Also, because of the lack of time and because I wanted to focus my efforts where I fit in most, I've downsized my digital creative teams, so I'm only at Design House Digital now.
I've been a busy girl and this little blog of mine has just had to fall by the way side until I figured out if I wanted to continue or not. But, I have lots of crafty things and projects that I have been working on and more to come. So, I wanted to have a place to share those things and so I'm back!
The number one thing that I have probably been a little distracted with and want to share with you is that I won't be coming back to this blog alone... We're expecting a little one in December!!! I can't wait to share all my projects and nursery ideas on here and of course cute little baby layouts once the little one gets here. We have already found out what we're having but I will share that later on this week. Thank you for being patient and I hope you'll all come back and join in on my blog again!