Wednesday, August 10

August Project #1 - Mailbox

See that picture of the mailbox up there in my header? That's the first project that I want to share with all of you! Now, this project has been in the works for a LONG in about a year or two! When we first started working on our house, this is what the mailbox looked like.
It was pretty sad and since nobody was living there, we pulled that baby out. Those sharp edges on the pole would have been hazardous to future kids or just clumsy old me! When we moved in six months later we bought a shiny new black mailbox, even though it was nothing to really look at either.
I took my Cricut out and cut some white vinyl letters and numbers and put our address on the front of the door. Then I cut out "the Carlsons" and stored that piece in a drawer for quite a while. As many of you know, we just recently got married and I was so excited to pull out my vinyl and finish the mailbox! Last summer when we put in a new garage, we filled in the old driveway and put in a new one on top of our hill so the mailbox also got moved up there. Right now I have 2 old wagon wheels leaning against the post but I think next spring it's going to get a cut little flower bed and I would be really excited to find an old milk can. Here's the latest picture of our proud little mailbox with our new name displayed on the side!
If you've decorated your mailbox or have any unique mailbox decor, I'd love it if you'd share a link! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. aww super cute! I love the font you used... it looks so happy =)

    p.s. loving your new blog. did you design the header & sidebar stuff yourself?

  2. I used Agnes Brio's frames for the header and for the sidebar stuff I used tags from the Nostalgia kit by Jen Allyson. I plan to dress it up some more and I'd like to figure out how to make tabs or something cute for my pages at the top.