Monday, April 26

Saturday & Sunday : Week in the Life

I'm just going to share a few pictures from my weekend. My word file with my journaling is at home on my desktop and so are half of my pics from Saturday. 

Saturday was cleaning day and on Sunday we made breakfast and took a quick trip to Menards for some more trim to finish our porch. Then my parents came down with some hostas for my garden and they brought Toby. Mya thought it was great but Toby didn't like her too much. After they left I took a nap on the couch while Chad watched NASCAR. 

My summary of the Week in the Life was fun to capture all of our little life moments but I'm glad that I can stop worrying about my camera or writing everything down now. I like to live life and appreciate the little things and this project definitely made me think about that more often but it was also very time consuming to try to catch all those little things everyday. I will probably do it again but most likely it will be down the road when I have kids or maybe during the fall and harvest in a couple years. I'll be posting my finished project by the end of the week because I'm ready to get back to scrapbooking my layouts!

Saturday, April 24

Friday : Week in the Life

This is my favorite picture from Friday! It was so nice to get outside...beautiful weather!

Friday, April 23

Thursday : Week in the Life

This was by far probably the hardest day for me. I barely took any pictures! I definitely still took notes so I will probably have to supplement pics from other days and just write in details about the things that happen everyday for these pages.

Woke up at 4:00 and heard Mya crying and howling from her pen. This is the first time I’ve ever heard that and it kinda worried me. Then woke up at 5:30 having a dream about Brenda telling me Mya was crying and I was trying to answer her out loud.
6:00 Shower and get ready. Like the blonde hair color much better today. Get Mya out and she’s fine and very happy to see me. Tell Chad goodbye and kiss.
7:15 Jeep is acting up again and the check engine light comes on. Cylinders miss firing and it won’t run right. Call Dad and am not happy that I will have to spend money on this.
7:30 At work and the field files for the dry machine won’t work. Jump drives won’t work and we finally get an old floppy disk. 8:15 have donut because that will make me feel better 8:30 have coffee also make me feel better
8:41 make appointment to take Jeep in tomorrow to have it checked out again
10:18 reading Ali Edwards’ Wednesday and found this.  I think I want to print it really nice and frame it somewhere in my house, preferably in the kitchen or by one of the doors.  “As I was ending my day I came across this quote from Emerson: Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.
12:35 Exhausted! So many billing problems and seed corn is starting to go out so keeping track of that is getting crazy! Frank gave me a bottle of peach wine for secretary’s day…just what I need today!!!
12:55 Eat left over hamburger casserole, remember that the NFL draft is tonight. Have to watch and see what happens to Suh.
Been busy with shipments and transfers of seed…Brenda pops in at 4:00 to say hi and tells me she got an internship out in Sydney, NE for the summer! Very exciting but now I won’t get to hang out with her. We’re having drinks tonight to celebrate.
5:15 still working on seed
6:00 run to ALCO quick and return page protectors…the side with the holes is white and I want clear
6:15 get home, open package from Snapfish and put 8x10 pic of us at central park in the frame that has been empty for 6 months, discuss supper, we have no brats or digorno so we go back into town for subway
6:45 Eat subs, check out new scrap package that I got today, and watch DVR’d NFL draft where Suh is the second pick and goes to the Detroit Lyons…I might start watching NFL football for the first time in my life
7:00 go outside and play with Mya, we’re working on teaching her to stay…she does not want to learn “lay down”
Go inside and work on cleaning up last night’s dishes
8:00 Brenda comes over and we have  a drink while watching Private Practice and Pawn Stars …I don’t like channel surfing or flipping back and forth…it’s just not relaxing
Chad goes outside to play with Mya some more
8:45 Brenda leaves and we watch more TV, Chad checks weather and it’s definitely going to rain, I change the alarm to 7 instead of 6 because I won’t have to be at work early with the rain, watch TV
10:15 go to bed

Thursday, April 22

Wednesday : Week in the Life

6:04 roll out of bed…literally. It’s rainy and grey and I love days like this…if I can stay home and do nothing. Chad and I sit on the couch and eat leftover cinnamon cake while watching the volcano in Iceland on Good Morning America. Decide I really want to get my hair high lighted, it’s looking a little blah. Wake up Mya and play in the rain for a while. Leave for work at about 7:25.
Spend some time filing all the bills from yesterday.
9:30 struggle with article I’m writing for one of my layouts to get published, I want to say everything right
10:45 make appointment for noon to get my hair cut and high lighted by Brooke at Heads and Beds
10:50 paychecks come in the mail, hand out to everybody and then check my account online to see if it’s been deposited. Transfer my overtime $ to my savings account for new furniture. Make payment to credit card.
11:36 run a few inventory and sales reports on chemical
12:00 go to see Brooke to get my hair high lighted…we talk the entire time about babies and weddings and other girl stuff. Brooke is pregnant and due in October.
2:00 hair is super blond and she got rid of my ugly layering that was going on
2:30 Ron (the operations manager) shows up and gives me a nice candle for administrative assistants week
3:00 bill anhydrous to a few customers and weigh up some dry fertilizer for the Answer Plot
4:01 Very hungry because I didn’t eat before my hair appointment…eat some pretzels
4:41 give in to being hungry and eat an oatmeal cream pie
4:59 camera battery died, sun is out, can’t wait to go home
Made a new chicken pasta dish for supper, very yummy. 
Went outside and measured for the NRCS to put new trees in next week. They used GPS to measure and were way off. We’re going to have so many extra trees. I’ll live in a forest. Mya thought that the bright pink flags were fun to play with.
Laid on a blanket in the yard and played with Mya. Took a walk out to the pivot and Mya found a mouse. It was already dead so we thought it might have been poisoned so we took it away from her.
Watched 1 vs 100 and Remember the Titans until 10 and went to bed.

It was a good Wednesday. Ali has an amazing Emerson quote on her blog today that I need to read more often. Go check it out. I like the pictures that I'm taking but I really wish we could get some better pictures of us doing the things we do. Most of my pictures that I try to take of myself are awful. Chad is taking a camera to work tomorrow to get his average day in our week too. Have a good evening everyone!

Tuesday, April 20

Tuesday : Week in the Life

6:00 alarm goes off, take shower and get ready. I'm too tired to care so I put my hair in a ponytail. Wake up Mya and play a little. Chad lays on the couch and watches the news. I miss Good Morning America because I always have to leave before it comes on.
7:25 bills, orders and paperwork is piled on my desk. It might rain which would be good so that everyone could have a break today and I could catch up on stuff. Check personal email and get a happy news email from an online publication wanting to use one of my layouts! Very excited!
8:30 already have to make another 2 pots of coffee and have already had 2 crabby farmers
10:30 working on billing but it is raining so I take a break and upload bathroom remodel pics to my blog
11:25 thinking I will need a drink today because the inventory check for the month just got laid on my desk...I really don't like inventory.
12:35 taking a break to run errands and get out of the office for a little while
Spent entire afternoon invoicing orders and pushing bills through the computer. Rains off and on all day. I love the smell of rain and wish I was at home cuddled on the couch. Leave early today because it's slow.
5:30 get home and greet Mya. Spill coffee all over in my purse and figure it's a good time to take a picture of my purse's contents. Realize that all of my purses are "wintery" and really want a new one...maybe yellow!
5:45 Chad decides to go golfing with his friend Brad. Brad's wife, Shauna, comes over for a little girl chatting while the guys are gone. She leaves at 8:15 and I go outside to play with Mya. She's learned shake but can not grasp "lay down" Go inside at 8:45. Chad comes home and tells me he golfed really well. 9:35 Tired and ready for bed.

Monday, April 19

Monday : Week in the Life

6.00 alarm goes off
6.10 wake up hoping I didn’t sleep in too long & thanksful I showered last night
Eat leftover cinnamon cake with a glass of milk, watch news/Saved by the Bell/HGTV
Get ready, make sandwich for lunch, get coffee mug and hot cocoa mix(definitely needed    today)
Get Mya out of her kennel and give her a treat … She put her paw up when I said shake! (we’ll  see how long this lasts)
7.05 leave for work
It’s Monday of pay week so I do the timecards. I had 35 hours of overtime the last 2 weeks – can’t wait to get new couches!
Make meal plan for the week and grocery list
Take break to surf internet and blogs
10.45 Bad attitude has hit…inventory related because people don’t let me know when product is leaving the warehouse
12.29 Eat carrots for lunch because my sliced roast beef sandwich was really gross.
2.30 ah the perks of working for an agricultural company…chemical reps with customer expense accounts = new husker pullover, flash drive pen and a chocolate malt
4.42 very ready to go home, working on some billing, got an email that my package from Imaginisce was delivered, really want to know what it is!
5.08 things are slowing down at work, get tomorrow's billing ready, doing deposit and going home
5.26 Farmers decide to come in one more time for the night so I'll probably be here for another hour
6.30 went to the grocery store 
7.00 got home, let Mya out, and opened package from Imaginisce for a was the entire Splash line which is all oceany and beachy in a kid way...not sure how I will use it but maybe I'll just save it until I have kids.
Made homemade pizza  and a "Kramer" (drink) which reminded me of the Bahamas, while watching How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men
Chad came in from planting for supper and we hung out with Travis for a while. They decided that they needed to finish planting tonight because it might rain. They headed back out to the field which means I will probably hang out by myself the rest of the night.
Mya held out her paw again when I said shake...I think she's got the hang of this! sooo smart!
8.30 Cleaned up the kitchen while watching The Big Bang Theory...Monday night is the best TV night
9.00 catching up on Two Peas in a Bucket and surfing the internet
playing with some scrapbooking stuff

Meal Plan Monday

It's a new week already?! I've been working Saturdays now so my weekend meals are really up in the air, so no more weekend menu for me.
Monday - homemade pizza
Tuesday - chicken pasta (new)
Wednesday - pancakes/waffles
Thursday - beef veggie skillet (new)
Friday - blt's

Today is the start of Ali Edwards' Week in the Life Project!!! I've been taking pictures and journaling all day so far. Last night I decided to do 8 1/2 x 11 pages and just put them into my 12x12 album. I like the mixed page size look so I'm going to give it a try. I just need to go buy some page protectors and divided pages. I'm also using the Story of Today digital pages from Ali. I might also use some journaling cards from her as well. I will share some pictures and journaling from each day either that evening or the next morning. It's exciting but I have yet to settle into the thought of just enjoying and capturing the moment. Is anyone else doing this project? Would love to see your thoughts and progress this week! 

Friday, April 16

Country Stampede

I have lots and LOTS of pictures printed out and waiting for a home in my albums and so, I love 2 page layouts where I can put all those pictures together. I found Scrapburbia, where the sketches are all super easy to follow. It's so simple to put down some paper and pictures and then sprinkle some fun around the page. Here's my take on this sketch...
I loved making this layout! I've had these pictures from a weekend in KS at Country Stampede sitting around forever and I loved pulling them out and having some fun with them. I also have to say that although I used paper and letters from a kit was super easy to mix it up with embellishments from a completely different line. There isn't really a story to go along with this layout because the pictures kind of show what we did...had fun and went to concerts. I think I'll add the programs in my page protector with strings sticking out so I can pull them out and look at them later. Thanks for looking!

Supplies: Farm Fresh by October Afternoon, Flour Sack chipboard letters by Cosmo Cricket, Rub-ons and chipboard flowers from Imaginisce

Wednesday, April 14

New Page!

I've added a page all about our home remodel and my decorating projects! Check out today's Welcome post and come back often to see everything that we've been up to!

Tuesday, April 13

Belated Menu Plan Monday and a reason to celebrate...

I'm late putting this up but I decided to still post it so that I wouldn't fall behind. This is something I really want to keep at. So on Monday - we had taco muffin cups (biscuits in a muffin tin filled w/ meat and cheese). It was actually a recipe for barbeque which I may have to try later.
Tuesday - Chicken Alfredo (it's our 2 year anniversary and we LOVE this meal)
Wednesday - hmmm I'm thinking pizza?
Thursday - homemade ham and cheese pockets
Friday - pancakes/waffles (love breakfast for supper)
Saturday - supper - minute steak, potatoes, carrots 
Sunday - lunch - pb&j (we'll be planting so it might be quick or taken to them in the tractor)
              supper - leftovers
Last weekend we had steak, which translated to marinated kabobs and they were awesome! The chicken night last week was an italian dressing mix baked on chicken breasts...also awesome. I was surprised that Chad liked both meals, very picky eater.

Well, since it is our two year anniversary today since we started dating, I've been working on a layout to highlight moments in our relationship. I didn't let Chad see me working on this one but I surprised him and showed it to him last night.

The journaling reads : we met one night in April 2008 and danced all night - after 8 months Chad surprised me with a pearl ring on our skiing trip - April 2009 brought a new adventure when we started remodeling the house - through 2009 we had a lot of fun going to New York and the Bahamas - We moved into our wonderful house in October and have loved it - for our anniversary we took another big step and got a puppy ...we named her Mya and we love her!
I used the Dear Lizzy line that came in my April kit from Scrapbook Kit Club. It may not be the most balanced layout but my intention was to have our two years in pictures and words and then show where we are now. Thanks for looking! If anyone has any good recipes to share please send them my way! Always love to try something new.

Saturday, April 10

Thoughts this Saturday

All I want to do today is be calm and be inspired. Unfortunately I'm at work with not a lot to do but enough that I can't leave for a while yet. I'm browsing around the internet, at least the scrapping area of it, and finding inspiration for all the projects and ideas that I have in my head. I need to focus my scrapbooking away from "getting it all done" to just doing it because I want to and because it feels good. I love finding that super exciting inspiration but lately I've found a more calm and relaxed inspiration...from Ali Edwards. It's not just scrapbooking inspiration either, it's the life kind. The kind that makes me realize that maybe I need to think about my reasons for doing certain things everyday and find meaning in those things. If there isn't meaning then things need to change. So far, I'm feeling pushed to relax, go with the flow and find the joy in everyday life and appreciate the little moments. I'm going to do Ali Edwards Week in the Life project the week of April 19th and I think it will really help me notice and appreciate every day. Check it out here...

Thursday, April 8

2Peas ROCKS!!!

WOW!!! I seriously can't be more amazed! I got home last night and this wonderful box was waiting for me. It's my prize package from participating in the 2Peas crop last Friday. I love it and can't wait to play with all of these bright fun colors and goodies (just in time!) Thought I would share and encourage any of you who haven't already visited 2Peas in a Bucket, to head over there for some great inspiration and lots of goodies in their shop!

Wednesday, April 7


I'm finally done with all my winter blizzard pictures! Next up are some spring ATC's for a swap with the Young Scrappers at 2Peas, an idea I have for our lake pictures, 2 year anniversary layout and a card, and a mini-book for my brother of his pet raccoon! I have lots to do but I'm ready to start being super creative with some new projects! Here's my final BLUE page for awhile...enjoy! I used some liquid pearls for the swirls and the rest of a sheet of cardstock glitter stickers for the snowflakes and borders, sticker letters and some scraps.

Monday, April 5

Surf's Up...but not how you're thinking...

No we didn't go surfing or anything, although I'd love to be laying on a beach somewhere with a drink in my hand... This is one more layout of our "awesome" snow storms this winter. We found a snow bank that looked like a tidal wave and well it led to some childish antics from 2 big kids and this is what you get...

This is probably one of my new favorite layouts. I really wanted to use the negative of a sheet of alphabets and love how it turned out. Used up scraps of cardstock and swirly vellum and splattered some paint on the background too. Thanks for looking!

Menu Plan Monday

Having a planned menu is pretty hard this time of year because I'm so busy at work. I usually don't get home until 6:30 and then who wants to spend time inside cooking?! So, my menu is pretty simple this week!

Monday - leftovers (or pizza, whichever sounds better when I get home)
Tuesday - grilled cheese
Wednesday - spaghetti and garlic bread
Thursday - chicken
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - minute steak, potatoes, veggies (this didn't end up happening last week so we'll try again)
Sunday - steak, grilled veggies, fries

I have a picky eater in my house, no not kids, but I have figured out that if I cook like I have a 5 year old then everyone will be happy! :D