Friday, June 27

Baby Boy Room

I am so excited to decorate our baby boy's room! Kalli's room was fun but also difficult because I don't like to do the pinky pink stuff. For this little man, I'm going rustic & modern with a lot of DIY projects. My colors will focus around lots of red, grey, white, cream and browns. Here are some inspiration images that I have pinned. (each picture links to that website/pin) And here's a link to my Pinterest board just in case you want to see even more if my ideas!
Love the numbered baskets and HAVE to find a star light like that!
Or make a star light like this!
Baskets on the wall...who would have thought?!
Really love the modern touch of the chevron.
Again, another modern touch.
Rustic alphabet, swoon! (And this would be a free project since we have lots of old barn wood.
Too cute, rustic, modern and again free to make.
Love the large letter and again combining the rustic modern thing.

Hope you enjoyed a preview of what's going on in my head for this little guy's room. I've started on a few projects and will definitely be sharing soon. Anyone interested in Kalli's room/projects? Maybe I will have to post about some of the girly stuff I made for her room!

Tuesday, June 17

Baby Boy's Dresser

I bought something! A dresser! I know, not really that exciting huh? But, I think it's one of the easiest pieces of furniture to refinish and dressers are a dime a dozen. Here's the two I just bought!
Not real pretty right now but I have some big ideas. I refinished an old dresser for Kalli too and put some pretty knobs on it from Hobby Lobby. This time for baby boy, I'm branching out. Maybe I'll do some stripes or mix the paint and wood look but I'm definitely going bold. Here are some examples of what I'm thinking! (all photos are linked to their pinterest pins where I found them)
Love the wood top and the stripe.
Perfect color!
The wood front drawers are really fun and unique. And the knobs on these last two are definitely what I'm thinking.
I'll be back to show you my finished dresser. It will definitely take some time so I don't know when, but I will be back!

Thursday, June 5

4 to Go!!!

4 more months that is, until we get to meet our little boy! I can not even believe that I am typing that. I know that every baby is a blessing but we are so happy to round out our family with a little baby boy. I also can not believe that I still have 4 more months to go. This second pregnancy has been really slow and long. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow so I thought that I would share how I’ve been documenting this pregnancy. With Kalli, I took pictures every week and really fell behind on the words and details. This time, the words and details are easier and the pictures just didn’t happen. So here’s a glance at me and the babes at 22 weeks.
How far along: 22 weeks
Gender: BOY!
Weight Gain: 13 lbs +
Maternity Clothes: yes
Stretch Marks: no more than before
Belly Button in or out: out-ish
Sleep: okay, except for sciatic nerve pain
Best moment this week: seeing my cousin Brandon before he leaves for Ohio        
Worst moment this week: started getting backaches & sciatic nerve pain
Miss anything: a cold beer in the summer evening
Movement: first kicks Friday the 6th!
Cravings: not really, I get really thirsty for a pop sometimes, mainly Coke
Queasy or sick: no, got dizzy a few times
Looking forward to: October due date!!! Can not wait for so many reasons!

Tuesday, June 3

Growing up too fast!

AKA...our little girl is in a big girl bed. I have so many mixed feelings about this but mostly I'm excited and really proud. That first night though, I felt mostly nervous. Is she ready for this or is she too young? Are we going to be able to handle the stress? What if it's a giant disaster? And then...Is she really asleep? What if she wakes up scared? Lots of what ifs and doubts. But I guess that's what parenthood is about a lot of the time.
So here's how we made the big switch and our results.
1) We started moving all of her toys, books and clothes to her new room. We did this because our 3rd bedroom has a huge closet and I always said that our daughter would get the big closet if our next baby was a boy.
2) We talked to her a lot about her "big girl room" and the baby room. She played in there and we got her excited about it.
3) We started talking about a big girl bed and then took her shopping when we picked up the mattress. 
4) Here's a big one...everyone that tells you to let them pick out something for their bed, is right!!! We let Kalli pick out her sheets and a new blanket. Cutest thing ever!!! I thought she would go for Minnie but we ended up with Elsa & Anna from Frozen. She gets so happy and points to them all the time!
5) Finally, we sat on her bed with her and talked to her about being a big girl and staying in her bed. We told her that it was only for night night and not for playing.

Night one, we followed the regular schedule for bedtime (bath, snack, book and bed) and then she spent 45 minutes making noise, rolling around and playing with her puppy & kitty. I had to go in a few times but she never got out of her bed. I was thoroughly impressed and super proud of her!
Night two, I went in to check on her less and she fell asleep in a half hour, even though we had storms all evening.
It seems to be going well so far. We are so excited that she has conquered this so quickly. We do expect some rough nights in the future but so far she is a major champ!

Way to go Kalli!!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!