Thursday, August 4

Jeep for Sale!!!

Yep, that's right. I'm selling my shiny red Jeep Liberty. I love it and it's so pretty and it has made me fall in love with heated leather seats but it's time to move on. Or in my case, move backwards. I should have stuck with my trusty college cars for just a few more years but I wanted a big girl vehicle and couldn't wait to get the Jeep. But now I've realized that being an adult comes with the responsibility of paying bills...lots of bills. So we're selling the Jeep and buying another school car that will get us by for a few years until all the school loans and the farm truck and all paid off. THEN, we will get a nice family car with good gas mileage. Oh, and maybe a few fun extras...
Right now I'm dreaming of this in 4 years... Right now I'm just selling local so if you're willing to drive to me or you live around Nebraska you can check out the full listing here.

I also have a lot of other projects in progress right now and I'm itching to share them with you. But first, we have to get the rest of these wedding thank yous mailed out! Check back soon!

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