Sunday, August 7

Design Help!!!

I've been working on my projects this weekend. This morning's project flopped big time! Cleaned it up and ready to start it again. The shelf I've been building turned out way to big for the wall space above the piano so I'm trying to figure that out. But now, I'm working on what to do with the paned window we saved from our house remodel.
I want to either hang it over our TV or the couch and maybe put a wreath on it. I created these two options in Photoshop and would love to hear your opinions! I also want to have somewhere to hang wedding photos and future family photos. What do you think I should do!?


  1. oh how cool to have a window pane like that! I like it over the couch... seems like it fills that space better.

  2. I think it would look great with pictures and I would like it over the couch!

    I don't know about the wreath, I'd have to see it once everything else is on it!