Friday, August 12

August Project #2 - Tray

I'm back today to show you my second DIY project that I've been working on. 2 summers ago when we remodeled our house we had to rip up the entire right?! Well that fall we also had to re-landscape and when we were leveling off the back yard we found quite a few piles of buried glass. We tried to clean up as much as possible and in doing so we found a whole bunch of old bottles. Chad made me save them and I knew that we could clean them up and display them on an old dresser I'm working on.
I had an old tray that I had used in my college apartment...I have no idea what I used it for. But anyways, it was a dark brown stain that was blending into the top of the dresser too much so I took some Heritage White spray paint to it. I'm sorry that I don't have any before/during pictures. This was such a quick and easy project that I didn't even think about it! After the paint had dried, I took my hand sander to it for some distressing. To my surprise, the paint was basically "chipping" off under the sander and it looked great! Here's what it looks like on top of the dresser with some of those cool glass bottles in it. I'm thinking some old books would look good in there too!


  1. Nice dresser. Wish I was better at "seeing" the finished project when I see old furniture.

  2. I love that distressed tray. And how cool to find those bottle intact. We have found some "interesting" things in our yard, but nothing whole. Lots of broken pottery and stuff mixed up with the gravel in our driveway.