Friday, August 19

~Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow~

This was literally the case last week in our house! All the clothes were piled in the laundry room and we had nothing to wear! I had pinned (you know, on Pinterest) a recipe for homemade laundry detergent and I was determined to try this because $20 for a jug of Tide is ridiculous!!! Seriously! Lucky (haha) for me, it was definitely time to do laundry and the big orange jug was completely empty so I thought it was probably time that I tried this!

  • Borax
  • Washing Soda
  • Bar Soap
  • Water
  • Old pot, spoon, cheese grater, funnel and two empty gallon jugs (I reused the Tide jug)
It probably cost me close to $20 to get all the supplies the first time around because I had to buy a seperate pot, spoon, funnel and cheese grater specifically for this. I don't think we would want to be eating soap if I had made it in our good pots. If I were only buying the supplies the box of borax and washing soda cost $9 and each bar of soap coat $1. Each of those boxes can do quite a few batches of this laundry detergent so that $9 is going to get spread out over however many batches I can get out of it. Each batch also makes 2 gallons, so even if I was going to include the $9 cost each time, a gallon of this would only cost $5 instead of $20. I'm guessing my actual cost is way less than $5 though!
I washed all our laundry this last weekend and our bedding and everything turned out clean and fresh! I couldn't even tell the difference between detergents. I still use softener sheets in the dryer and used some bleach with our whites but all in all, I would call this a success! Oh and I also just read the other day that you can add essential oils after it cools if you want to add a scent to your detergent. If you try this or any other homemade cleaning solutions, good luck!

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