Thursday, August 18

Desperate for Cabinet Space

Weddings = boxes all over your kitchen! Yes, it's true. There were boxes everywhere after we got married!!! Some people just hide those boxes in a spare bedroom and never think about them again for 10, 15 or 20 years. We had some seriously cool stuff in those boxes though, so I wanted to make sure it all got into my cupboards and used on a regular basis. This is where the boxes all over my kitchen comes in...
How am I going to get all this stuff into my already full cupboards. Well, I started with the obvious and got rid of the old stuff like plates and pots and pans that were being replaced with new. Then I decided that the cupboards needed shelves in them. Can you believe it? The bottom cupboards didn't have a single shelf in them and the stuff was just piled in there. Here's a few pictures of the mess that was my cupboards prior to this simple DIY fix.
I bought a few pieces of MDF and used my hubby's table saw to cut them all down to fit in my cupboards. Then I used the drill to make little holes in the sides for some L-shaped pegs to go in that would hold up the shelf. Set the shelf on and ta-da! Shelves!
The change doesn't seem that drastic but I can assure you that it is definitely drastic when I can fit all of that stuff into the cupboards I already had without building a whole new kitchen! Yes, I know that a few of the shelves seem to droop a little in the middle but I have a simple solution that I'm still working on. If you want, you can just buy a little thicker piece of MDF and I'm sure it will be fine. Hey, this is how you learn things right?! Anyways, I spent $12 on MDF and $5 on all the little brackets, so the project total was under $20! I really wanted to share this with you because it was a simple fix for a problem than many of you may have in your owns kitchens. Just know that there is probably always something that you can do yourself for less money than you think!

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