Sunday, February 28


Very very old pictures! I have a box of high school pictures that I'm attempting to scrap into one big album. Here are some pics of the school dance team from 2004 (my junior year). This layout includes inspiration from Handmade Love and their Random Prompt Challenge. The challenge was to use something not scrapbook related to make a project. The silver waffle looking pieces are actually foam drawer liner scraps from Chad's craftsman toolbox! I just colored them with a silver paint pen! There are also a few pieces of sparkly pipe cleaner in there too.

Thursday, February 25

Toby & the tiger

This is my puppy Toby in August 2007. I bought him the stuffed tiger so he would have a friend when I brought him home. He destroyed it and we had to resew, restuff, and try to resuscitate it but we eventually couldn't bring it back to life. It was probably his favorite toy to this day. He was so cute because it was almost as big as he was. I made all the little flowers at the bottom with my cricut and pop dots. I also love the dog buttons that I found and glued on here as well.

My First Two Peas Order!!!

My very first order from Two Peas came in the mail today!!! Sooo excited! It's all embellishment stuff and I need to build up this part of my stash. I have tons of paper but not so much fun stuff like this. I ended up buying most of this stuff for my house remodel scrapbook so it's all orange, blue, green, white, and yellow. Thought I would share!!! Oh...and Two Peas is awesome! Go check them out if you haven't yet! (Click on the little Two Peas box on the right side) 

Monday, February 22

puppy love

 I finally got around to scrapping my puppy pictures of Toby. These pictures are from fall 2007. He had the biggest head and was pretty funny looking as a puppy. He is a wire haired dachshund so he is still funny looking but we love him! He lives with my mom and dad and to this day still lays on the couch just like that! Love him!

Friday, February 19

*you & me*

I made this page for the Patterned Paper class on Two Peas. The challenge was to use strips of patterned paper in a way that you never have before. I also used nothing but scraps for this page and I'd never made a shape out of strips of paper so I created this heart shape. I also loved the handmade flower idea from another girl's blog and she had found the idea at Studio Calico. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 18

Random Pages

My has my camera been busy! Back in my very first blog post, I made a goal to take pictures of all my layouts so far and get them uploaded into my gallery at Two Peas. Well they are not all done yet but here are quite a few! Thanks for looking!
Freshman Year of College

Keystone Ski Trip Dec 2008

New York Trip March 2009

Sunday, February 14

My first Challenge!

I've been working on some pages this weekend as well as just laying around being lazy. Yesterday we went to Valentine's Day and it was pretty funny. This morning was white out conditions and we couldn't even see the barn from the kitchen window! Now the race is on so I will probably finish some laundry and take a nap today. Here is the layout I created for the All About Me Challenge over at Handmade Love.

Here is another layout that I did the other day. I finally have all of our New York pictures scrapped!

Wednesday, February 10

So Indecisive...

I changed my blog already... :D I was just so tired of looking at that dark background already. Still wish I could find some cool design or something for the sides like everyone else has. I have no idea how to do that...Anyone willing to help me out??? 

Hope you like the new look! I do!

Monday, February 8

Super Bowl Weekend

Did you know??? Saints defensive player Scott Shanle, no. 58, is from the town that I live in! St. Edward,NE is my SO's hometown and he actually played football with Scott in high school. The town was pretty excited all week and I'm sure it will be the topic of conversation for the next week too. I'm not big into the NFL at all. I pretty much love the Huskers and then I watch football only because Chad watches it. So the rest of my weekend was composed of scrapping. I still haven't finished scrapping all my pictures from our NY trip last March so my goal is to get it done before I let myself paint my scrap space in the basement. It's been pretty good motivation because I only have 2 more pictures and an extras page for all our brochures and stuff! Here are a few of the pages that I did this weekend!

Friday, February 5

Little Cards of Love

Just a couple cards that I made for Valentine's Day and the Finally Friday video over at Two Peas.


I started following a few challenges on Two Peas but there is an awesome group of girls over there called the Young Scrappers who started a new blog. It's pretty much all about challenges and they have a new one every Thursday and some prizes too. It looks like it should be fun and I'm excited to start the challenges. I think it will be easier for me to follow just one blog with lots of different challenges rather than try to keep up with separate challenges. Check it out!

Thursday, February 4

kits???...what is a kit club?...oh...yay for KITS!!

I'm a terrible shopper when it comes to picking out scrapbook stuff, be it stamps, embellishments, lettering, stickers, paper ...whatever! I always feel like I'm spending too much money on all this stuff and I usually end up buying only paper and no fun stuff! So, I got to looking around and realized that there are things called kit clubs where someone puts together a bunch of great stuff that goes together and you can get this kits sent to you every month for about 30 bucks or so. After "researching", I found the one that I like!!!

I'm really loving this and getting so much inspiration from their designers on how to use the kits for scrapbooking and for really fun projects! I'm pretty excited about it! Oh and right now they are having a Blog Hop where you get the chance to actually win their February kit!