Sunday, December 30

New Hangout

It's been a while I know, but I'm back with some news to share. There are some changes going on in my life, both personal and scrappy! First, we had our baby girl on December 4th! She arrived via c-section but is healthy and a strong little one. She weighed 6lbs 9oz and was 20.5 inches long. Long legs, dark hair and wants to look around at the world as much as she can. We could not be happier to have spent this Christmas season with our little Kalli!
Next is the news in my scrappy world. I quit the creative team at Design House Digital and got a new gig! I'm now creating for Crystal Livesay and a new store called Pixels & Company!
The new store is opening this January and you can sign up to get this awesome collaboration kit in their newsletter! It's called In Good Company and all of the designers had a hand in making it so beautiful!
You'll also want to stay up to date on their Facebook page here! Pixels & Company has a lot of my favorite designers like Crystal Livesay, Robyn Meierotto, Karla Dudley, Karen Funk and Gennifer Bursett! There are so many more so you definitely have to check it out! As a is the page that I made with the new collab!
I hope to be around posting on my blog more often now. I'll try to update you with some digital scrapbooking and Christmas stuff soon! Of course, I'll always be sharing pictures of our new little sweet pea too so come back soon!


Sunday, November 18

Scrappy Sharing

Well with football being on every single channel yesterday, I got a surge of creative mojo and started making some new scrapbook pages finally! Thought that I would try to keep up with sharing them here for you. Just click on each layout to be taken to the credits. Enjoy!
This one is a Facebook Freebie from Crystal Livesay!
Go here to like her Facebook page and grab the template freebie!
That's all for today! I'm off to get ready for a day of shopping! Probably to buy way to much cute baby girl stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 14

Facebook Freebie

Hi everybody! I know you haven't seen me around for a while. I sort of took a break from this whole blogging thing again because I just haven't been able to keep up. I'm hoping that some new events in my life will spur me into posting more often so hang in there please!
Today I'm going to share a layout with you (also something that I haven't done in a long time!). My husband and the girls at his work had some fun dressing up for Halloween and I just had to document it!
(click image for credits)
I used a template from Crystal Livesay for this layout and guess what?! You can grab the template's her December Freebie Template on Facebook. Find it here...just click the like button. Okay, that's all I have to share today. Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 14

Nursery Board

I promised a look at my inspriation board for the nursery....and here it is! *disclaimer* Some of the items won't make it into the room and some are identical to what will be the finished nursery. Remember this is just the "inspiration board"! Enjoy!

1 - Teal walls, pink curtains, bedding
2 - Teal walls, pink bedding
3 - Circle mobile and string of lights
4 - Love the gallery wall and white dresser
5 - Delta Eclipse Crib (Target or NFM)
6 - Delta Glider (Target or NFM)
7 - Summersault Flowerburst Bumper (Target)
8 - Summersault Flowerburst Bedding (Target)
9 - Tiered tray for headbands and cute baby things
10 - closet dividers for little baby clothes

Friday, August 10

Painting the Baby Room

So in my last post I showed you all the inspiration rooms for our baby girl's nursery. Well, last week I started getting more and more excited about it and decided it was time to paint the walls! It's a True Value paint color called Hula Dance. The pictures don't do it justice because it's really more of an aqua/teal color than a robin's egg blue. I laughed because I might be the first person to find out that I'm having a girl and then paint the walls blue. Or maybe I'm just weird! ;)
I've also been working on repainting a dresser and I got some super cute ceramic drawer pulls from Hobbly Lobby. My gallery wall for above the crib is a work in progress and we're still waiting on the crib to show up so we can set it up in baby girl's room! I'll be back with my room board and links to all of our great stuff soon!

Saturday, July 28

Nursery Inspriration

Hello! I hope that you are all having a happy Saturday! I've been busy sewing curtains for the baby room all morning. I will hopefully be able to share those later this week. In the mean time, I thought I would share some inspiration for the baby room. But before I do that, I should probably tell you all that baby is a....GIRL!!!
You might have already known this if you happened to check out my layout in the post below. If not, that's okay! I've mostly been searching Pinterest and Project Nursery for baby room ideas. I'm not a huge girly girl and I know I hated my pink bedroom when I was younger so I'm trying to pull in a color that will grow with her (and maybe work for a boy later too). Teal/Aqua! Here's a whole bunch of my inspiration pics. Be back later to show you the room board that I put together of all my favorite pieces.

Monday, July 23


Hi! I wanted to stop by this week and share some of the cool stuff that is going on over at Design House Digital! If you didn't know, I'm a Decorator over at DHD and one of the really cool things that we get to do is host challenges. This week I'm hosting the 4Play challenge. This is a challenge where 4 different kits are featured and on sale for the whole day on Monday. (1 kit is free and 3 are only $1) Here are the 4 kits that I picked.
Then myself and 3 other decorators share pages that we have created with only these 4 kits. Then you are invited to play along at the DHD blog all week. Next Monday, a new 4Play challenge will be posted along with a winner from the previous week. And you could win a gift card to DHD! So check out the inspiration and then come play along!

Sunday, July 8

Here I Am...Plus One!

Okay, so I just looked and I've been gone since the Super Bowl! What?! So a quick update. I got a new job in November of 2011 and I've been busy with that but it's slowing down as I get in the groove of things. It's one of those jobs where I can't get on the internet so it's been hard keeping up with the crafting/scrapbooking/pinning world. Also, because of the lack of time and because I wanted to focus my efforts where I fit in most, I've downsized my digital creative teams, so I'm only at Design House Digital now.
I've been a busy girl and this little blog of mine has just had to fall by the way side until I figured out if I wanted to continue or not. But, I have lots of crafty things and projects that I have been working on and more to come. So, I wanted to have a place to share those things and so I'm back!
The number one thing that I have probably been a little distracted with and want to share with you is that I won't be coming back to this blog alone... We're expecting a little one in December!!! I can't wait to share all my projects and nursery ideas on here and of course cute little baby layouts once the little one gets here. We have already found out what we're having but I will share that later on this week. Thank you for being patient and I hope you'll all come back and join in on my blog again!

Saturday, February 4

Super Bowl Scrapping Weekend!

Hi! It's been a whole month basically since I've had a chance to stop by here! I've again been busy with work and studying to pass my insurance license. I've also been limiting my time on the computer so I have more time to do other things. When I do sit down for some screen time, I've been trying to actually scrapbook rather than just browsing around the internet for an hour. So forgive me for neglecting this little blog!
We're getting snow here in Nebraska so it's the perfect weekend for lots of scrapping. At Design House Digital this weekend, there are TONS of Super Bowl activities going on. They have challenges all weekend, awesome sales and chats today and tomorrow!

I also thought I'd share a few layouts that I've finished lately. (click for credits)

Monday, January 2

Favorite 11 from Twenty-Eleven

11 from Twenty-Eleven...doesn't quite roll off the tongue as nice as 10 from '10 or something like that does it? Oh well, I still want to share with you my 11 favorite crafts, projects, pages, pictures and moments from 2011. Here goes...
11. Frame/Key Hook
10. Chicken wire Frames
9. Ribbon Headbands
This was a big adventure this year. I started my Etsy shop and even went to my first craft fair. I've been really busy so I haven't put a lot into it lately. In case you're wondering though...the shop is still open and everything is marked 1/2 off if you're looking for an after Christmas sale or little gift for yourself or a little one.
8. Distressed Wall Shelf
7. Sugarland Concert & Bachelorette Party
I had an amazing time with some awesome friends!
6. Raised Garden Beds
I love that I accomplished this project, even though the garden didn't turn out so well...again. This is a big goal of mine in 2012, to make the garden better and have yummy fresh veggies.
5. Old Window Wall Decor
This project is pretty awesome because we took an old window that was part of the house before we remodeled and I turned it into a piece of decor for our home. It reminds me of all the hard work that we put into making our home.
4. New Job
I don't have a picture for this really but I finally found a new job this year! I'm so excited to be moving in a new direction and I feel like I'm growing up just a little bit more!
3. Entryway Door Hooks
Another sentimental project...this door is from one of the old barn buildings on Chad's family farm. I cleaned it up and put some hooks on it for our entry-way. It's rustic and puts more meaning into our home.
2. Alaska Honeymoon
We spent an amazing week this year, exploring Alaska. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and while we didn't enjoy the boat that much, the experiences were amazing!
We went rafting, hiking, on a train ride, a float plane, the Misty Fjords, watched Glaciers calve at Glacier National Park and we rode a helicopter to a glacier where we went dog sledding! It was amazing!
 and of course my number 1 from 2011...Our Wedding!
July 2, 2011...It was seriously so beautiful. It was 85 degrees and a little cloudy. We had a sweet, simple and short ceremony followed by a wonderful celebration with our friends and family. And now, I'm married to my best friend and we're experiencing life together and I can't wait to experience 2012 with him! 

I'll be back to share my goals and ideas for 2012 soon! Until then, I hope you are enjoying the first few days of the new year!

Sunday, January 1

January Scraplift Challenge @ DHD

Who likes a good scraplift?! Well, this month I'm hosting the Scraplift Challenge at Design House Digital. Here's the layout that we're lifting...
Come over to the Challenge Boards and play along! You could win a $5 gift certificate for participating. Just make sure to post your layout back in the correct challenge forum.
Have fun and good luck!