Thursday, March 17

Wedding Week - Thursday!

Hello! It's Thursday and I'm back to share more wonderful wedding stuff with you. The actual wedding is very important I know, but the fiance and I are probably most excited about the reception and having a good time with all of our family and friends. So, let's take a look at the decor and other aspects of the party!
This is the building where our reception will take place. It is a fair building and is quite large, but that's good because we're going to put almost 400 people in it!
Isn't that room just huge!?! Well, we've been brainstorming on ways to decorate and fill up the space. There will have to be lots of tables  to accommodate all of our guests so that will help but the ceiling is just way to high. We've been looking into draping it with tulle and twinkle lights. There was recently a wedding held there and I love what they did with the ceiling so I'll share a picture of their and then a couple more that we're considering.
Our centerpieces will be exactly like this but with round vases instead of square. I also have a picture of a mock up I did of the table. Each table will have maybe 6 of the pink tea lights and each seat will have a little cookie favor with a pink sticker on it. 
At the cake table we will have pictures of all of our parents and grandparents on their wedding day. It will look something like this...
Oh yes, and the most important part of the cake table...the cake! This is Chad's favorite part of the whole wedding planning. We met with our baker a few weeks ago and she said that any extra cake we needed would be a circle cake, not sheet cake because it feeds more and is easier to transport. Well if it was already going to be a round cake, just add it to the real cake and make it taller! We ended up deciding on a 5 tier white on white cake with a design like this. The bottom, middle and top with have the dots and the 2 middle layers will have the swirls. The very middle layer will be chocolate, for me. 
Our cake topper was again chosen by Chad. He wanted Precious Moments and we both really liked this one. It will look really cute in our house after the wedding too.

The head table, cake table and guest book/gift table will all be draped with twinkle lights under the table skirt. I really want the whole room to glow! The reception will really be decorated in a lot more white than pink and orange and I'm okay with that. (I'm actually getting really tired of pink and oragne...ssshh!) But tonight we will be spending even more time with our two favorite colors because we are going to pick out tuxes and vests! I'll take a few pictures and be back to share tomorrow! 

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  1. I love everything you are planning.
    Hubby and I eloped over 23 yrs ago so I am enjoying your posts.