Wednesday, March 16

Wedding Week - The morning after Tuesday

So sorry I didn't post yesterday as planned! Some stuff came up, you know how it goes. But, here I am back and ready to share the flowers, boutonnieres and hair inspiration with you. After all that searching for accessories, I needed to find some amazing way to wear my hair. I was still undecided on whether or not I was wearing a veil and thought maybe just for the ceremony. Here are the pictures of some hairstyles that I want to kind of combine for the big day. It's kind of a messy, curly updo but I love the pieces that hang down all over.
Now for the flowers... as I already mentioned, I really wanted real flowers but they were going to cost too much. I decided to use natural/real touch flowers and make all my bouquets and boutonnieres ahead of time. This is really easy because I just bunched together my flowers, wrapped floral wire around them to hold and then cut off the stems at the appropriate length. Then the bouquets got wrapped in satin ribbon and my bouquet got a few rows of rhinestones.
I haven't finished the bridesmaids bouquets yet because I couldn't decide how to make them a little more exciting. I was playing with some orange ribbon the other night though and think I'm going to wrap it corset style around the pink. 
The boutonnieres and corsages were a little bit harder. I wanted an accent to the flower and found these stems of shimmery beads at Hobby Lobby. I cut off little sections of the stem for each one and then wrapped it next to the flower stem. The leaves are actually what got pulled off of the rose stems. The groom, groomsmen, mothers, grandmothers and personal attendant all get orchids. 
The dads and the ring bearers get pink roses. All other helpers (candle lighters, programs, guest book, cake) get white roses. And the most difficult were the ushers because as I was making the flowers I remembered that my littlest brother is allergic to latex. So, I couldn't let him wear the natural touch flowers or he might have a reaction. I ended up finding some small silk white roses for those 3 guys and I think it will work out just fine!
I think that anyone can do artificial flowers if they really want to. It's not hard at all and definitely less expensive if you make sure to watch for sales. If you don't want to get that craft, Etsy has a lot of ladies who made and sell boutonnieres and bouquets. Hey, maybe I'd even made them for you! Give me a call ;) Ok, I should be back tonight with Wednesday's wedding post! Hope you've enjoyed it so far!

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