Tuesday, March 8

I'm Still Here...Alive and Breathing!

Hi everyone! No, I didn't die or anything. I just took a little break. I've been getting inspired for some new projects, crafting a little bit and enjoying life. It had been pretty nice out so there has been some outdoor activities and also just a lot of relaxing and movie watching. But, because I've been gone so long I have a surprise for you for next week, it's wedding related!
Wait, was someone here getting married soon? Oh yeah, that's me! I haven't shared a single wedding project/update here in sooo long! Next week is officially Wedding Week!
I'll be sharing pictures, ideas, DIY projects, invitations, to-do lists and all that fun stuff! Next Saturday (March 19th) is my bachelorette party and we're going to see Sugarland in concert. So, I thought it would be a great week to share the wedding progress with you all. Come back on Monday for the first day! 
(photo by Alida of Alida's Picture Pages, click on photo for link)

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