Friday, March 18

Wedding Week - Friday!

Hello Friday! I'm so excited that it's Friday...because that means that tomorrow is Saturday and the girls and I will be heading to see these amazing groups in concert for the big bachelorette weekend!!!
However, today is still Friday so I'm here to show you the rest of the wedding planning. Alright, I think it was yesterday that I mentioned that we'll have cookie favors at each seat. Well, this is the sticker that I designed to seal the cookie packages. I just bought Avery circle labels and designed this in PSE, then printed them all out.
Another detail that I thought was fun and DIY are these napkins. I didn't want to pay for 300 personalized napkins because it would have been super expensive and let's "face" it (haha) all people do is wipe their face with these! My wonderful maid of honor (hi Brenda!) stamped them for me one night and I think they turned out super cute! Oh, the napkins are from Oriental Trading Company. They are super great if you need to buy lots of plates, napkins, silver ware and plastic table linens...which we did.
For the ceremony, I made these awesome tissue paper poms for the aisle. They were very budget friendly and I love how they turned out! I will warn you that they are very time consuming though. I made 8, 4 for each side of the aisle and because I'm not sure how long the ribbon needs to be I left extra at the bottom that we'll just cut off when we hang them. And and I would be willing to sell them after the wedding to anyone in Nebraska (the ribbon can be changed).
Some other stuff for the ceremony are the ring bearer pillows, the flower girl basket, guest book and pen. I bought plain and simple items that I'm dressing up with some pink ribbon. Eventually I'm going to wrap pink ribbon and rhinestones around the unity candle. This is one of those things that I don't think is necessary but a few of our friends said it was nice to kind of be able to talk a little bit by yourselves during this time, so I guess we're doing it.
I also showed you yesterday what I want the ceiling to look like in the reception hall. I thought I would show you our potential layouts of the building as well. I want the dance floor to be close to the bar but I know that some people won't dance if it is too front and center so I'm not sure where we will put it. These are the layouts so far though...
Because our wedding is during Fourth of July weekend, we decided to include a little bit of fireworks! When we leave the church we're going to have every one have sparklers. I know this would look better if it were dark out but we're not doing a send off at the reception because we want to party all night! haha! Hopefully it looks okay in the daytime too. I'm thinking of tying 2 sparklers together with ribbon and then either attaching a little tag or just having little signs on the buckets that say "Let the Sparks Fly".
I really like the idea of including sparklers so I thought that this would make a really cute center piece for our red, white and blue rehearsal dinner. I'm going to put together a little sample tonight so that his mom can decide if she likes it. 
My other project for tonight is to make signs for the roads leading to the wedding and for outside the building. We have a lot of old wood so I'm going to make these hand painted rustic signs. These are not mine but I will show pictures sometime once I'm done.
We did pick out tuxes last night but the store was so busy with prom that I didn't snap any pictures. Sorry! I think that is pretty much every project that I've done or that I'm working on for the wedding. The only thing left to show you is the current state of parts of our hose that have been over taken by wedding stuff! It used to be in the guest bedroom but I'm gradually trying to clean that room. I'll leave you with a couple pictures of our mess! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Christy! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. Things are starting to come together so nicely. I hope you have a great girls weekend.