Wednesday, March 30

Puppy Love

It was March 15th last year that Chad and I were driving home with a brand new puppy asleep in my lap. Our little golden retriever was very small for being 9 weeks old because she came from a litter of 14 puppies! We named her Mya right away (Chad's idea) and brought her home, fed her some yummy puppy food, cuddled with her on cold evenings and played with her lots and lots! 
Well, it's been a year now and she's not always so cuddly anymore. She's filled with energy and bounces around chasing toys, her shadow and sometimes her own tail. She loves the snow, which is great because we just had 4-5 inches this week. Last night I wanted to get some pictures of our March snow but Mya was being such a cute girl that I just took pictures of her instead. And for once, she looked at the camera and seemed to smile almost!!!
We love her!!!

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