Thursday, March 24

100 Days!!!

I can't even believe it! There are only 100 more days until our wedding! Which is 3 months, 1 week & 1 day OR...just 14 weeks!! YIKES! Okay enough exclamation marks, but really it's pretty exciting and just a little overwhelming. I have a large to do/to buy list for this weekend. It's supposed to be snowy/rainy and cold so I have to finish some projects. 
I have some wedding advice to dole out since I've been busy planning now for about 9 months. Don't pick your colors too early. Seriously. I thought I was being smart by nailing down all my ideas and plans early so that I could keep my eye out for good sales on stuff I needed. This was a really good idea in theory but after 9 months, I have to admit that I'm sick of pink and orange. I still like all my ideas and decorations but after really taking time to consider it, I would have done stuff completely different. I have heard however, that this is pretty common with most brides. They doubt their choices and wish they had done something different but hey! we're women right? Isn't that what we're good at? Changing our minds? So, just for fun I've gathered a bunch of pictures to show you what I would do if I could change everything now. 
 Red, white and blue! Yes! These are the colors we're using to decorate the rehearsal dinner and I so wish I would have used these for our fourth of July wedding. Navy dresses with red roses would be so pretty. Here are some more inspiration boards for these colors.

Oh, and these shoes!!!
Have you planned a wedding before? What would you do differently? Any advice for this bride to be? 
I hope you have a great Thursday! Thanks for stopping by and for letting me gush about only having 100 more days before I get married!

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