Tuesday, August 14

Nursery Board

I promised a look at my inspriation board for the nursery....and here it is! *disclaimer* Some of the items won't make it into the room and some are identical to what will be the finished nursery. Remember this is just the "inspiration board"! Enjoy!

1 - Teal walls, pink curtains, bedding http://pinterest.com/pin/39265827971741455/
2 - Teal walls, pink bedding http://pinterest.com/pin/39265827971741455/
3 - Circle mobile and string of lights http://pinterest.com/pin/39265827970680853/
4 - Love the gallery wall and white dresser http://pinterest.com/pin/39265827971859947/
5 - Delta Eclipse Crib (Target or NFM)
6 - Delta Glider (Target or NFM)
7 - Summersault Flowerburst Bumper (Target)
8 - Summersault Flowerburst Bedding (Target)
9 - Tiered tray for headbands and cute baby things http://pinterest.com/pin/39265827971866802/
10 - closet dividers for little baby clothes http://pinterest.com/pin/39265827971218916/

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  1. aww I didn't know you are pregnant. Congrats Christy!! Steph & I were just talking about how much we miss you at Two Peas. Hope everything is going well!