Monday, January 2

Favorite 11 from Twenty-Eleven

11 from Twenty-Eleven...doesn't quite roll off the tongue as nice as 10 from '10 or something like that does it? Oh well, I still want to share with you my 11 favorite crafts, projects, pages, pictures and moments from 2011. Here goes...
11. Frame/Key Hook
10. Chicken wire Frames
9. Ribbon Headbands
This was a big adventure this year. I started my Etsy shop and even went to my first craft fair. I've been really busy so I haven't put a lot into it lately. In case you're wondering though...the shop is still open and everything is marked 1/2 off if you're looking for an after Christmas sale or little gift for yourself or a little one.
8. Distressed Wall Shelf
7. Sugarland Concert & Bachelorette Party
I had an amazing time with some awesome friends!
6. Raised Garden Beds
I love that I accomplished this project, even though the garden didn't turn out so well...again. This is a big goal of mine in 2012, to make the garden better and have yummy fresh veggies.
5. Old Window Wall Decor
This project is pretty awesome because we took an old window that was part of the house before we remodeled and I turned it into a piece of decor for our home. It reminds me of all the hard work that we put into making our home.
4. New Job
I don't have a picture for this really but I finally found a new job this year! I'm so excited to be moving in a new direction and I feel like I'm growing up just a little bit more!
3. Entryway Door Hooks
Another sentimental project...this door is from one of the old barn buildings on Chad's family farm. I cleaned it up and put some hooks on it for our entry-way. It's rustic and puts more meaning into our home.
2. Alaska Honeymoon
We spent an amazing week this year, exploring Alaska. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and while we didn't enjoy the boat that much, the experiences were amazing!
We went rafting, hiking, on a train ride, a float plane, the Misty Fjords, watched Glaciers calve at Glacier National Park and we rode a helicopter to a glacier where we went dog sledding! It was amazing!
 and of course my number 1 from 2011...Our Wedding!
July 2, 2011...It was seriously so beautiful. It was 85 degrees and a little cloudy. We had a sweet, simple and short ceremony followed by a wonderful celebration with our friends and family. And now, I'm married to my best friend and we're experiencing life together and I can't wait to experience 2012 with him! 

I'll be back to share my goals and ideas for 2012 soon! Until then, I hope you are enjoying the first few days of the new year!

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