Tuesday, August 31

Mom Always said KISS

I've realized lately that I need to relax and simplify (ok I've always known this) but I've recently felt the need to take action. This link is borrowed from Ali Edwards' twitter on her blog http://mnmlist.com/fake-needs/. I need to understand and differentiate the big things from the little things, to relax and know when something is good enough and perfection is not necessary, to enjoy life rather than worry or scrutinize all the time, to accept what comes my way. 

Mom and I built a fence one time for her garden. There was a very noisy grain bin right next to our yard so this fence was to keep the noise out. We were definitely not professional carpenters or anything but we got the saw horses, the saw, a measuring tape, a level and the drill out and went to work. At one point, Mom was holding a board up and asked if it was level. I replied "level enough." Our fence became known as the "fence enough." I want to remember this story and draw my inspiration from it. When I get too picky about something, I need to remember that perfection is not necessary. All I'm striving for is "good enough." Simple happiness does not come from perfection every hour of every day. Sometimes the greatest joys come from the smallest most imperfect things. 

Mom also always told us to "KISS" - Keep It Simple Stupid. And it's true. This morning, I didn't make the bed all the way and put the pillows back on perfect. I just pulled the sheet and blanket up and folded them over. It's good enough. No one will see the bed again until we go to sleep tonight and it really doesn't matter. As long as my days are simple and I accept that things are good enough, then I believe that I can relax and enjoy my life and all of its moments.

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