Tuesday, August 3

My 1st Digi Layout and some Wedding up-dates!

Isn't that impressive!? I'm so proud of myself that I gave it a try and I actually like what I came out with. It's really just a bunch of freebies that I've downloaded and a template. I think I will for sure be trying to do this more often.

Now....wedding stuff! I've tried on a few dresses and found one that I love!!! It's double what I want to spend but I might have found a sample dress from a salon for my budget. Wish me luck! I've added some new ideas to our wedding website and I've been busy working on tissue paper pomanders at night. Go over and check it out and feel free to leave a comment...I'm not sure the comment feature works so it would be great if someone would try it out for me! 

Hope that all of you are staying cooler than we are here in the middle of the country! 90's with humidity in the 100s!!! crazy!

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