Wednesday, August 11

Wedding Sneaks

Well, I'm busy and the wedding planning is well under way. I've got our back bedroom full of wedding stuff and last night I worked on centerpieces. I now have 16 of 45 vases done...29 to go! 
I've also been working on the tissue paper pomanders that I'm using for aisle decor at the ceremony and table decor at the reception. I like the white better because then I can do coral ribbon and a bow on them. 
This is a semi-finished pom. I put the stick through the middle so I could push the ribbon through later. It's taking a lot of tissue paper for this big of a pom. This one will be the flower girls and then all the others will be smaller. 
Just a pic from the other side so you can see how it will look when done. I still need to fluff and trim so that it's all even. 
This is just the one flower I made and then sprayed with Perfectly Peach Glimmer Mist. It looks okay in the pic but it's kinda uneven in person. 
And here is what our back bedroom looks like! Boxes full of vases and latex flowers, lots of styro foam balls and candles, guest book, ring bearer pillows, etc! Waiting for another 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby and I'll be getting the rest of my cardstock for invites and need to go to JoAnn's to find the right ribbon. Lots of "in progress" but nothing finished! Oh well, I have all winter!
Hope you enjoyed the little sneak into my wedding planning!


  1. holy cow christy i love everything! youre so on the ball with everything, i applaud you! all the various poms look AMAZING. the ones with peach glitter mist are BEAUTIFUL :) i love being along for the ride during your whole process!

  2. The poms look fantastic!! Seriously gorgeous.

  3. those poms looks fabulous!! can't wait to see how the whole wedding comes together!

  4. Awesome! I know that your wedding is going to be GORGEOUS!!!!!!