Tuesday, August 24

All That's Left is a Kitchen Table!

As you know, I have a newly remodeled house. If you didn't know you probably could have figured it out from all the before and after layouts I've been doing lately. It's always so hard with a new house to decide how to fill it! I have shown you pictures of our new couches but our dining room is lacking. Right now it has my college table in it, covered with all my scrapbooking stuff. I really really want a new one so maybe I could chose one of these kitchen tables....
 or this... 

I really like the dark wood (the rest of the house is a light oak). Hopefully, I will be able to show you a new table sometime in the future! Hey, maybe we'll get it as a wedding present to ourselves! 


  1. Dark wood is dreamy. :) (I have honey oak....so sick of it.)

  2. I like the first one! I love your new blog banner!!!!