Monday, April 19

Monday : Week in the Life

6.00 alarm goes off
6.10 wake up hoping I didn’t sleep in too long & thanksful I showered last night
Eat leftover cinnamon cake with a glass of milk, watch news/Saved by the Bell/HGTV
Get ready, make sandwich for lunch, get coffee mug and hot cocoa mix(definitely needed    today)
Get Mya out of her kennel and give her a treat … She put her paw up when I said shake! (we’ll  see how long this lasts)
7.05 leave for work
It’s Monday of pay week so I do the timecards. I had 35 hours of overtime the last 2 weeks – can’t wait to get new couches!
Make meal plan for the week and grocery list
Take break to surf internet and blogs
10.45 Bad attitude has hit…inventory related because people don’t let me know when product is leaving the warehouse
12.29 Eat carrots for lunch because my sliced roast beef sandwich was really gross.
2.30 ah the perks of working for an agricultural company…chemical reps with customer expense accounts = new husker pullover, flash drive pen and a chocolate malt
4.42 very ready to go home, working on some billing, got an email that my package from Imaginisce was delivered, really want to know what it is!
5.08 things are slowing down at work, get tomorrow's billing ready, doing deposit and going home
5.26 Farmers decide to come in one more time for the night so I'll probably be here for another hour
6.30 went to the grocery store 
7.00 got home, let Mya out, and opened package from Imaginisce for a was the entire Splash line which is all oceany and beachy in a kid way...not sure how I will use it but maybe I'll just save it until I have kids.
Made homemade pizza  and a "Kramer" (drink) which reminded me of the Bahamas, while watching How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men
Chad came in from planting for supper and we hung out with Travis for a while. They decided that they needed to finish planting tonight because it might rain. They headed back out to the field which means I will probably hang out by myself the rest of the night.
Mya held out her paw again when I said shake...I think she's got the hang of this! sooo smart!
8.30 Cleaned up the kitchen while watching The Big Bang Theory...Monday night is the best TV night
9.00 catching up on Two Peas in a Bucket and surfing the internet
playing with some scrapbooking stuff


  1. Busy day. This looks like an interesting project.

  2. Good job! You're on a roll! I love Monday night TV too! Bazinga! LOL!!