Tuesday, April 20

Tuesday : Week in the Life

6:00 alarm goes off, take shower and get ready. I'm too tired to care so I put my hair in a ponytail. Wake up Mya and play a little. Chad lays on the couch and watches the news. I miss Good Morning America because I always have to leave before it comes on.
7:25 bills, orders and paperwork is piled on my desk. It might rain which would be good so that everyone could have a break today and I could catch up on stuff. Check personal email and get a happy news email from an online publication wanting to use one of my layouts! Very excited!
8:30 already have to make another 2 pots of coffee and have already had 2 crabby farmers
10:30 working on billing but it is raining so I take a break and upload bathroom remodel pics to my blog
11:25 thinking I will need a drink today because the inventory check for the month just got laid on my desk...I really don't like inventory.
12:35 taking a break to run errands and get out of the office for a little while
Spent entire afternoon invoicing orders and pushing bills through the computer. Rains off and on all day. I love the smell of rain and wish I was at home cuddled on the couch. Leave early today because it's slow.
5:30 get home and greet Mya. Spill coffee all over in my purse and figure it's a good time to take a picture of my purse's contents. Realize that all of my purses are "wintery" and really want a new one...maybe yellow!
5:45 Chad decides to go golfing with his friend Brad. Brad's wife, Shauna, comes over for a little girl chatting while the guys are gone. She leaves at 8:15 and I go outside to play with Mya. She's learned shake but can not grasp "lay down" Go inside at 8:45. Chad comes home and tells me he golfed really well. 9:35 Tired and ready for bed.


  1. I like that you added pictures. This idea is so neat.

  2. im really excited about this project!! i cant wait to see your album! :)

  3. This is fabulous! Great work!

  4. Fantastic post. Love this idea! (My purse is also "wintry". I haven't got the energy to switch it over right now.)

  5. I love the purse shot...we have the same phone - same color, too! Congrats on your happy email about the layout. That is so exciting!