Saturday, April 10

Thoughts this Saturday

All I want to do today is be calm and be inspired. Unfortunately I'm at work with not a lot to do but enough that I can't leave for a while yet. I'm browsing around the internet, at least the scrapping area of it, and finding inspiration for all the projects and ideas that I have in my head. I need to focus my scrapbooking away from "getting it all done" to just doing it because I want to and because it feels good. I love finding that super exciting inspiration but lately I've found a more calm and relaxed inspiration...from Ali Edwards. It's not just scrapbooking inspiration either, it's the life kind. The kind that makes me realize that maybe I need to think about my reasons for doing certain things everyday and find meaning in those things. If there isn't meaning then things need to change. So far, I'm feeling pushed to relax, go with the flow and find the joy in everyday life and appreciate the little moments. I'm going to do Ali Edwards Week in the Life project the week of April 19th and I think it will really help me notice and appreciate every day. Check it out here...


  1. Sounds interesting.
    Would like to see your completed week.
    Good luck

  2. Very cool. I am a big ali edwards fan. Probebly have every digital brush she has made. LOL. LOVE your new blog look. Very nice !!!