Thursday, April 22

Wednesday : Week in the Life

6:04 roll out of bed…literally. It’s rainy and grey and I love days like this…if I can stay home and do nothing. Chad and I sit on the couch and eat leftover cinnamon cake while watching the volcano in Iceland on Good Morning America. Decide I really want to get my hair high lighted, it’s looking a little blah. Wake up Mya and play in the rain for a while. Leave for work at about 7:25.
Spend some time filing all the bills from yesterday.
9:30 struggle with article I’m writing for one of my layouts to get published, I want to say everything right
10:45 make appointment for noon to get my hair cut and high lighted by Brooke at Heads and Beds
10:50 paychecks come in the mail, hand out to everybody and then check my account online to see if it’s been deposited. Transfer my overtime $ to my savings account for new furniture. Make payment to credit card.
11:36 run a few inventory and sales reports on chemical
12:00 go to see Brooke to get my hair high lighted…we talk the entire time about babies and weddings and other girl stuff. Brooke is pregnant and due in October.
2:00 hair is super blond and she got rid of my ugly layering that was going on
2:30 Ron (the operations manager) shows up and gives me a nice candle for administrative assistants week
3:00 bill anhydrous to a few customers and weigh up some dry fertilizer for the Answer Plot
4:01 Very hungry because I didn’t eat before my hair appointment…eat some pretzels
4:41 give in to being hungry and eat an oatmeal cream pie
4:59 camera battery died, sun is out, can’t wait to go home
Made a new chicken pasta dish for supper, very yummy. 
Went outside and measured for the NRCS to put new trees in next week. They used GPS to measure and were way off. We’re going to have so many extra trees. I’ll live in a forest. Mya thought that the bright pink flags were fun to play with.
Laid on a blanket in the yard and played with Mya. Took a walk out to the pivot and Mya found a mouse. It was already dead so we thought it might have been poisoned so we took it away from her.
Watched 1 vs 100 and Remember the Titans until 10 and went to bed.

It was a good Wednesday. Ali has an amazing Emerson quote on her blog today that I need to read more often. Go check it out. I like the pictures that I'm taking but I really wish we could get some better pictures of us doing the things we do. Most of my pictures that I try to take of myself are awful. Chad is taking a camera to work tomorrow to get his average day in our week too. Have a good evening everyone!


  1. I WANT that oatmeal cream pie.

  2. Oatmeal cream pie?! Gimme, gimme!

    I love these "week in the life" posts.