Friday, September 5

Hospital Bag Packing

We're counting down weeks and I'm getting so anxious and excited! I've been making a list of things to pack just so I don't forget anything and just in case I go into labor before our c-section date. I'll be putting together my bag about a week or two ahead of time so I thought I'd share my list with you guys. I know that there are a TON of lists out there for what to pack to take to the hospital. I know because I searched and read a million of them when I was preparing for Kalli...and then I over packed. It's really not that complicated and I've learned a few things just from doing it once (the wrong way). Since this is a repeat C-section for me, my hospital bag may be different than most but take from it what you will. This may not be the same for everyone so do what suits you best.

For Mommy - Last time, I didn't take a shower the first day (we had her in the evening the day before), stayed in my hospital gown and for clothes I had brought some loose t-shirts & my husband's shorts. I have no idea why I did this because I looked terrible in pictures and I probably would have felt better if I'd looked better or had some cute clothes. This time, I'm just taking some of my maternity yoga pants, nursing tops & a zip up sweatshirt for if it's cold in the room. I'll take some slippers to walk around in and just wear some flats when I show up at the hospital and then wear those again when we leave.
Don't worry about taking a lot of personal bathroom items (ehm, lady items). They will give you everything you need and it's only for a couple days so it will be fine to just use theirs. I am taking my own travel size items like shampoo, toothpaste, facial wipes & deodorant. For hair & make-up, I'm just taking the basics - powder, mascara, bobby pin, hair tie and some mousse if I feel like fixing my hair a little after my shower.
Don't take a breast pump to the hospital. They should give you one and most insurances will actually now cover a breast pump for each pregnancy. I didn't use it while I was there anyways. I am taking breast pads though. If your milk comes in or if you're already leaking these could come in handy.
Do make sure you take your electronics (phone, camera, ipad/kindle) for a little entertainment & don't forget the chargers! Our hospital gave us a camera to use while we were there and then gave us a disc with all the pictures on it when we left. But, it's nice to have your own too and of course your phone so you can share the happy news with family & friends. I used an app to track feedings last time so I will definitely need my electronics this time around too.

For Baby - Take an outfit for coming home and maybe one other one if it's super important to you but the hospital will provide some sleep sacks while you're there and they will be the ones changing their clothes for the most part anyways. Do take some socks, mittens, a onesie & a hat for the little one. Again, the hospital will probably provide these things but it's nice to have your own, especially for going home. The hospital will have blankets too but I'm still going to take one of my own to cover myself with while nursing and a warm one for in the car seat when we leave. Don't bother taking anything else for baby. They will seriously have everything you could possibly need and will most likely send it all home with you.

I honestly can not wait to actually pack my hospital bag! I'm one of those crazy planner people and getting stuff like this done makes everything so much more exciting and real. I'm also busy getting a present ready for Kalli "from the baby" and I will be back to share all of my ideas on that soon too! Have a great weekend!

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