Thursday, September 18

Getting Ready for Baby - Cooking & Baking

Things have been so crazy around here! I thought we had plenty of time until baby was here but now we're down to almost 2 weeks! Just 2 weeks people! I think I was ready three months ahead of time with Kalli but the time has just disappeared this time around. I have just two projects left for baby's room & then I need to go dig out the car seat, baby bath, breast pump & who knows what else. The one thing that I have accomplished...freezer cooking. And I am sooo excited that I have so much done.
Here's a rundown of all the meals that I currently have in our freezer. 
- Cashew Chicken
- Terriyaki Chicken
- Homemade Runzas
- Ham & Potato Casserole
- Beef Stew
- Mexican Chicken
- Chicken breasts (portioned & ready for something quick)
- Lasagna
- Tater Tot Casserole
I'm so happy that I will have these ready for myself or Chad to just throw in a crockpot or the oven. I'm still in the process of doing a few more casseroles but my mouth is watering just thinking about eating all this yummy food this fall.
Speaking of fall, apparently the cool weather combined with my nesting instinct has also kicked off an urge to bake! We've had some yummy sweets & breakfasts around here lately. We'll just say it's all for the baby. ;)
Saturday morning I made these quick 60 minute cinnamon rolls & Sunday I made this pumpkin baked oatmeal. Both turned out so good. I am loving all the fall recipes out there and my Pinterest is just full of them! Check it out here
So yeah, I would say that food wise, we are definitely ready for baby. We can not wait and hope that these last 2-ish weeks fly by super fast. I'm telling myself that I still have 3 weekends at least so I gotta kick it in gear and work, work, work!!
Best news this week...we're going to have a niece!!! Totally thought that my sister-in-law and her husband were having a boy but we're so excited for the surprise that they are actually having a girl! Bring on more pink!

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