Tuesday, August 19

Third Trimester

Oh, only a few more weeks! It will be here before you know it! Cherish these last months. The good things I hear. You like like you're ready to pop! How many more "days"? Haven't you had that baby yet? The not so good things. Granted, I have said all of these to myself in my head at some point. The third trimester is the craziest of crazy roller coasters.
I'm always halfway between knowing baby should keep baking until the last moment and just wanting him to come early so this pregnancy can be over. I love his little kicks and rolls and knowing I'm doing something super cool but seriously, I also would love to sit, walk, sleep, drive and basically move like a normal person again.
Hello third trimester. Crazy emotions, crying for no reason, check. Lack of sleep, weird dreams, rolling around and changing positions every 45 minutes , check. Worrying about everything and counting down days, weeks, doctor appointments, weekends and anything else that can be counted down. Check.
I'm there. 6 1/2 weeks left until our c-section date and it seems like forever. I have the most sympathy ever for those moms who are currently past their due dates. I'd be pulling my hair out (and my husbands). So here I am at 32 weeks.
How far along: 32 weeks
Gender: BOY!
Weight Gain: 30+ lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes, wearing a lot of skirts at work and stretchy tanks at home
Stretch Marks: yes
Belly Button in or out: out-ish
Sleep: tossing & turning, weird dreams and my back and hips hurt
Best moment this week: staying home playing with Kalli & getting stuff, so much gardening!
Worst moment this week: Kalli having bronchiolitis, strep & pneumonia, nebulizer treatments & antibiotics. Me having another ultrasound, worried about being transferred to Omaha for c-section
Miss anything: clothes fitting, a glass of wine and good sleep
Movement: still lots of rolling around, he flipped head down finally
Cravings: none
Queasy or sick: no
Looking forward to: football season, cool weather & meeting this little guy!!!

Also, a warning. If you search Pinterest for third trimester sleep and they tell you to excercise....pppfffttt!!!! Go eat a bowl of ice cream and watch something stupid on TV. They're just crazy! And then go for a 5 minute walk if you feel really guilty. But only 5 minutes because you will probably feel like that was 5 miles. And that's okay! Best of luck to any of you other moms to be out there!

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