Tuesday, September 23

Girl Time

I absolutely love it when I get girl time! Yes, I get my fill of time with Kalli who is my ultimate girl but I mean my friends, who are my age. Sometimes that is nice too! A bunch of us got together on Sunday afternoon and did a project that we saw on Pinterest.
I love how they turned out!!! It was a beautiful day and our friends have this big new shop that we worked in. We chit chatted, ate sugar cookie bars and went home with this awesome project that I never would have had time to do on my own. We've already made plans to do it again in November and are going to try to keep doing it every 6 weeks. I'm hosting November and we're going to make Christmas stuff! Yay, my favorite!!!
I seem to be cramming in the girl stuff before this baby comes in October. This weekend my mother in law, sister in law and I are going to get pedicures and do some shopping. Next week, a local business is hosting a Ladies Night Out and a bunch of us are going to that too. They have vendors, snacks, drinks & some pampering like nails, etc. I should be all relaxed and full of me time before the 6th when we head to the hospital for our c-section! Right?! 
Speaking of girls... My sister in law found out she is having a GIRL!!! We all thought it was a boy and we're so excited for her and her husband. I just had to send her a little pink happy present the day after they told us. I hope you are all getting a little me time or a day with your friends! It's such a great way to reset and relax! Oh, and Happy Fall!!!

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