Monday, September 8

Our Lately

Hello to another Monday. I'm really dragging today. It's warmed back up to the mid 80's but is supposed to be down in the 50's later this week. We haven't really been up to a whole lot lately which is why I haven't posted a lot. The allergies have reared their ugly heads and I feel itchy and sneezy by the end of every day. So that means Kalli either gets to stay inside with me or go to the shop with Dad for a while. She doesn't mind, as long as I have Frozen on for her.
We've slowly been working through some projects and to-do lists but I'm not quite ready to share yet. We took a break and took Kalli to her first Husker volleyball game last weekend. We decided that she's probably a little too young but she really like Lil' Red during time outs. And of course we thought she looked adorable in her Husker red!
As you can see, I'm getting really pregnant. We're 35 weeks now so I'm counting down my last 4 weeks until we get to meet this little guy. But oh what a long 4 weeks they will be. The swelling is starting along with not being able to all. I waddle and my hips and legs hurt all day. Soon, very soon I tell myself. Nothing a little fall pumpkin spice cookie/bar/coffee/roll can't cure. (Along with some Tums!)

Be back soon with baby room projects & a few other fun things! Happy Fall y'all!

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