Friday, September 12

Friday Favorites - Big Sister Edition

Not only will we be adding a new baby boy to our family in October, but Kalli is becoming a big sister. As excited as we are to meet this baby boy, I'm so excited to see her grow into her new roll too! She is already so good at being helpful and loves to take care of her baby doll. She wraps her in a blanket, pushes her in the stroller, feeds her with a bottle and will rock and sing to her. She is so sweet and knows that I have a baby in my tummy and will randomly give my belly kisses unprompted. *heart melt* I've been getting a big sister "present from baby" ready for her because I want her to have something special/exciting for just her from the baby. Here's a bunch of items that would be perfect for a little girl taking on the exciting new roll of big sister!
Big Sister shirt | Big Sister necklace | character socks | Play-Doh | stickers | My New Baby
I included some stuff that is "big sister" specific and some that is just fun stuff for Kalli. We've been reading the "My New Baby" book to Kalli for a while now and she seems to like seeing the different stuff that big girls do and babies do. When we ask her where Kalli is, she will point to the big girl. I got the play doh so she will have something fun to do at Grandma & Grandpa's that night and for the week when my mom will be here helping. The stickers are for when she's in the hospital visiting us and gets impatient or too crazy! She has also started having an obsession with her socks now that it's getting cool out. She will not let anyone take them off and when we do she throws a fit unless we let her carry them around with her. Makes for some stinky cute little toes!

We will be cuddling inside this weekend because it is seriously almost cold here! Bring on the football and soup! Have a great weekend!

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