Monday, August 4

Weekend Fun

Hello to another Monday! Back to work but at least we had a fun weekend. Saturday morning we packed up for the day and made the two hour trip up to my grandma's cabin on the Missouri. It turned out to be a pretty warm day but Kalli loved the water!
During nap my parents, Chad and I played some Phase 10 and ate snacks. The guys took a break to relax in the tubes, although I'm not sure they had this figured out. All rested and ready for more, it was back to the water, driving lessons on the golf cart and selfies on the dock.
After our two hour drive home, we all crashed pretty early Saturday night. We woke up bright and early Sunday for chirch and then went to the firemens pancake feed. Kalli and I are really struggling with allergies so then it was time for nap. When we woke up, Dad had our afternoon of fun all figured out. He made Kalli a tunnel out of a big cardboard box! Sometimes it's okay when daddy buys more toys, aka another toolbox. Kalli really loved it when I gave her a little flashlight!
That was our weekend and we loved every minute of it! What did your weekend look like? Are you busy soaking up what feels like the last few bits of summer? Hope it was a blast!

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  1. What a great weekend! I live the box idea! Kids love boxes! Lol