Friday, August 8

2nd Go Around

I read something the other day about the realities of the third trimester and some of them hit the nail right on the head. It made me start thinking about this pregnancy in comparison to my first pregnancy and I just wanted to share a little. It's not something I have been thinking a whole lot about because it has been so easy this time around (don't shoot me!), but there have been definite changes being pregnant for the 2nd time.
  • Kalli - I was so sick & nauseous all the time! #2- just a tiny bit in the beginning
  • Kalli - There was huge weight gain, I retained water, had adema, couldn't wear my wedding rings, got carpal tunnel and I broke out all over my face like a teenager. #2 - No swelling, experiencing that pregnancy "glow" and weight gain has been decent but not extreme like last time.
  • Kalli - I read all the pregnancy books. #2 - I open up a pregnancy countdown app once in a while.
  • Kalli - I took pictures every week with a chalk board showing how big baby was.
  • #2 - I only take pictures whenever I feel like it...but I have been at least filling out a little questionnaire thing every week with this one!

  • First time around, I took naps ALL the time, whenever I it's not so easy with a toddler that I'm trying to keep up with.
  • I was showing my baby bump/full on belly super early this time! People are surprised when they ask me how much longer I have and I say 2 months. Had a lady this morning ask me how many more "days" ?!?!
  • I definitely wanted to buy maternity clothes this time around after I realized too late last time that they are much more flattering than just bigger sizes in normal clothes.
  • I'm now growing out of maternity clothes and buying even bigger sizes. :(
  • Bought a fetal doppler this time around and it was so worth it and so much fun!
  • Braxton Hicks are crazy this time around! I'm so afraid that I will go into labor before my C-section date because I just don't want any surprises this time around.
So here we are at 31 weeks, 8 more weeks to go!!! Can I just say how happy I am to have finally passed the 30 week mark?! It just seems like time will fly now. I can not wait to meet this little guy and introduce him to his big sister. She is so cute, running around the house and pointing out things that are "baby's". We were playing in the baby room last night as I hung some stuff on the wall and when I said we were all done she picked up all of baby's toys then ran to her room yelling "mine!", grabbed a bunch of her toys and books and plopped down to make sure we spend time in there too. Too cute! Here's a quick run down of this mama at 31 weeks. Now hurry up and get here October!

How far along: 31 weeks
Gender: BOY!
Weight Gain: 30 lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes, actually growing out of some maternity clothes
Stretch Marks: yes
Belly Button in or out: out-ish
Sleep: okay some nights, toss & turn others
Best moment this week: started canning green beans & freezing corn
Worst moment this week: Kalli & I both have colds/allergies/sinus infection
Miss anything: clothes fitting, so tired of trying to cover the bottom half of my tummy!
Movement: still lots of rolling around
Cravings: none, actually had a decrease in appetite all together
Queasy or sick: no
Looking forward to: leggings, sweaters & pumpkin flavored everything!

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