Thursday, March 25

Sunshine shining!

Yes! It's sunny here...but windy. It's finally starting to show little bits of spring which means I better start getting ready for gardening and tree planting and yard work! Ok, so to most this doesn't sound like fun at all but last summer was completely spent remodeling our house. So, this summer I get to plant new trees and have my own garden and grow pretty flowers. There's a lot of work to do because it's been neglected for so long. I just wish this wind would go away because I almost hate wind more than snow at this point...actually I love snow :D but I'm ready for SUN! I think I'm working on my winter blizzard pictures so much because I can finally see an end to all of our horrible weather and I just want the pictures to go away with it. is another layout I finished of our 2009 blizzard. I decided to do some stitching on this layout, kind of a new thing for me. I'm also really loving to type out my journaling on these layouts. Oh, and I like the little ball ribbon!


  1. What a great eye-catching layout! Love it!! (Don't love snow in March, love for snow ends after Christmas...heehee.)

  2. good idea to be done with the pics (hopefully) with the snow! I love this layout! the stitched circles really make this pop!

  3. Love this layout. I am so ready for some warm weather. We had major wind here too. Hearing the neighbours garbage cans bang around outside was not relaxing.

  4. christy! im loving your blog- its great!!
    you won my giveaway!! thanks so much for following and posting it on your site..
    have a super day!!