Friday, March 19

the Blizzard

We took lots of pictures in December of the blizzard that had us all stranded for quite a few days. We had Christmas Eve supper at Chad's parents', about a half mile away from our house. On Christmas morning we woke up to find that our water pump had frozen so we didn't have water. We journeyed over to his parent and in the process got my 4x4 Jeep stuck in a drift in the middle of the highway!
Good thing we were headed over there to take showers and so we had extra clothes with us. We stayed there for 2 1/2 days (a half mile from our own house!) His brother and sister were home too and eventually we all got bored (started fighting) from being couped up inside. So out we ventured! The snow was soooo deep that we couldn't walk because we'd sink in. So we crawled around outside for a while and had a lot of fun climbing on this huge drift in their yard. It was probably 10 feet tall at least!

With all the pics I took I decided to use an idea I found from Scrapbook Patty. I used 12x12 4x6 page protectors because it's just so easy to slide in pics, decorate 4x6 cards and then slide those in too! I'm loving the results and will probably do this with so many more pictures so that I can get back to taking more pictures too!

Which reminds me that I wanted to share this with you!!! I will soon have a new love to photograph...we're getting a puppy tomorrow morning!!! Can't wait to introduce her to all of you! But she is definitely going to cut into my scrapping time because all I will want to do is be outside and playing with her. Fine by me :D 

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Great layout...way to capture all that ICKY snow! :)

    Can't wait to see pics of the new pup!!!! How cool is that?!!

  2. woohoo ... glad you got to use them finally. LOL. They look great.

    On this post:

    I cut one of those protectors in half. Turned out pretty cool since I had 3 photos. Great job girly.

  3. love your solution to scrapping 4x6 photos quickly. you've inspired me to purchase some divided page protectors :)