Tuesday, March 16

hi...sharing a card

I don't usually do cards...unless there is an occasion. I have sooo many pictures that I just don't see the point in using my scrap time or my paper and stuff for cards. However, my grandma wrote me a letter a few weeks ago and I still haven't got back to her :( With all the winter storms I didn't get to see her at Christmas either so I decided it was time to send her a card/letter back. She likes travel and bold/crazy prints so this is the perfect card for her...and a way to use a paper that I normally wouldn't be able to find a use for. The yellow scallop is actually a shared file that I cut with my cricut and all the paper is Basic Grey Urban Couture. I should also mention that my grandma is legally blind, so while she can't really see it I know she will appreciate it when someone tells her what it looks like and reads my letter to her.
You might also be wondering how she can write a letter to me if she's blind...well...it's very large. hehe :) Her words are about an inch tall but she likes to stay in touch so it's super cute. I'm thinking of going home this weekend as well so maybe she can come to my parents for lunch or something. Alright, that's all I have today...it's supposed to get warm tomorrow!


  1. Not only is your card beautiful. Your Grandma will love to feel the different textures on it.

  2. this is a beautiful card! i love your color choices and the border!! you should make cards more often :)

  3. Ohh very cute card !!! Great idea with the beads on the DMC floss.