Tuesday, March 2

Best Buds

is such a great friend. We hang out, watch movies
do homework, go for walks and cuddle. He listens 
to me and is happy when I'm happy.
I love him!

Just a couple layouts I made last night with the rest of Toby's puppy pictures. I love this one because it shows him doing all the silly things he does. His tongue out, resting on a toy and scratching (he would usually fall over while attempting this :D) I usually can do about one layout a night while watching TV but I just pulled out some sketches last night and went at it and I impressed myself with 2 layouts! TFL!


  1. oh how i love doggie/pet layouts thanks for sharing.....

  2. Cute layouts....and I LOVE that doggy!

  3. That is cute. I never get 2 pages done in an evening. Good for you

  4. he is so cute! i want! i want! and your pages are just as adorable!

  5. Your puppy is sooooo sweet! Love the layouts!