Friday, March 26

Friday Five!!!

I'm going shopping tomorrow...for scrapbooking things!!! I've been looking on the internet all week for stuff that I want need to get for my scrapbooking. Hobby Lobby is having 50% off on albums and paper so I decided this was the weekend to go. I've been a good little scrapper and have looked around on the net for the best prices on the things I need. So here goes...5 things that I'm shopping for tomorrow!!!

This is a 7 drawer storage unit from Target. The drawers all snap shut so that dust and stuff doesn't get all over my paper. I'm also going to be using them to store projects/kits in progress so I can take them out and upstairs with me.


Planning on using these nifty little 12x12 Memory Keepers pockets for all my scraps... organized by color of course. Also, dust free.

I desperately need storage for the brads and buttons that I'm starting to collect and I also have a few embroidery threads that I'm going to put in the box. Thinking of this, my mom has a whole box of thread at home that she doesn't use anymore...wonder if she'd make a donation?!

On to the FUN stuff!!!

I have a huge stack of finished layouts but I'm trying to organize by category/time...High School, Trips & Travel, Our Story, College, Family.
Eventually I think Our Story will start to be chronological but the other categories will still be there. Regardless I'm going to get some fun albums because they are 1/2 off too!

5. PAPER!!!

I'm really excited to get some new paper too because I've been using up the stuff that I've had forever and I'm running low. I know, to most of you this sounds like it should be impossible but I haven't been collecting things because I was in college and either couldn't afford it or didn't have anywhere to put it.

So, with all the stuff that I'm  might have guessed that I'm working on that goal that I have...the one where I'm turning my basement into a scrap area. You can go to Scrap Our Stash and see what my space used to look like and what it looks like now. I'm organizing and stashing up this weekend and it will be clean and pretty and I will be HAPPY!!! Lots of creating is going to be happening! Can't wait to share the finished room with you!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. Oh have fun!!! May I just say you are an ENABLER?! Ha ha. Now I wanna go shopping for stuff I want...errr...NEED, too! :)

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! This should fill up your space nicely! Enjoy!

  3. look at you getting crafty and organized :) love it! and your purchases look awesome. props for being so organized {gasp} you're running low on patterned paper?! ;) i should send you some of mine!

  4. Have fun going shopping !!!! Cant wait to see your goodies (I'm sure you will find more than whats on your list). LOL.