Monday, July 28


Post also titled "Going Crazy!" So it's pretty obvious that this is going to be about my out of control nesting habits right now. But let me tell you before you judge, they are based on reality! This last week I had the amazing blessing of being able to stay home one day and watch Kalli and a friend of ours' little girl. She's 7 months old and adorable as can be! I had so much fun but at the end of the day, I thought to myself (and out loud to my husband) "I have to get ALL of my to do list done before this baby!!!" I had about a 45 minute over lap where both girls were sleeping and I used that time to straighten up and get the necessities done. I quickly realized there would be no more time for big projects once this baby gets here in October and honestly, I don't want to do anything but cuddle him and play with Kalli. So, here's my massive list of projects big & small. It won't hurt my feelings if some of these don't get done but I might as well put this crazy nesting instinct to good use and try!

Baby Stuff
- sew changing pad covers
- sew teething rail covers
- arrow wall decor
- ABC wall decor
- gallery wall 
- re-finish dresser
- find/cover boxes for closet storage
- pallet/letter wall decor (will have baby's initial)

Other Stuff
- fill nail holes in our bedroom and touchup paint
- fix our broken kitchen bench
- re-do the weather stripping around our front door
- make boxes for DVD storage
- cover some boxes for toy storage in our book shelves
- sand/paint headboard for Kalli
- sand/seal old door for our headboard
- fix wobbly dishwasher
- create play kitchen for Kalli out of old cupboard (Christmas present)
- build sliding shelf for clothes baskets
- caulk crack in cement by back door
- paint & put together corner door shelf
- frame our caricature
- stain back of porch bench
Pantry cupboard finally got shelves! Yay organization!
In progress baby dresser and adorable rustic old ladder that I will have to use for something!

*Mini-update before I actually had time to post this one... I had my monthly check-up and was given "take it easy" orders because I am having SOOO many Braxton Hicks contractions. Bummer for this nesting mama! I am not tackling this list one tiny project or one tiny piece of each project at a time. Slow & steady wins the race? I have gotten a few smaller projects done in the baby room that I will share later this week though.
Happy Monday!

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