Tuesday, July 8

Oh Summer...

I don't know what to say about summer. It seems that I look forward to it but then it gets here and every year I'm like "nope!" I don't like you, go away now! It doesn't help that I've been pregnant for 2 out of the last 3 summers. Maybe I will change my mind again when I can enjoy a cold beer or margarita. In the meantime, we did our best to enjoy the 4th of July and long weekend.
We spent Friday and Saturday at the lake. Friday was gorgeous. It stayed semi-cloudy and never got above 85. It was nice enough to go down to the water after nap time and Kalli got to experience the lake for the first time. It even got a bit cool that night, but Saturday got HOT! The lake was packed with people and boats so I stayed at the campground while Kalli tried to nap. It was so hot that she only got an hour of down time and then we sat out in the shade & breeze for the afternoon. We filled up a shallow storage tub with water and she splashed in that. We decided to go home that evening though because the air in our camper took a crap on us. 
Kalli enjoyed the camping, swimming and being outside constantly. We ate lots of cool fruit, grilled over the camp fire and colored Minnie Mouse after breakfast. Chad and I also both caught some cat naps here and there. ;) He taught Kalli to drive the boat and I spun her around in the water, which she thought was hilarious. Mostly her experience consisted of her stomping the water and carrying sand around.
Wonderful weekend in the sun despite the heat. Sunday was just a lazy day at home catching up on laundry and looking through Pinterest at fall ideas to keep my spirits up and pretend that the humidity wasn't trying to kill me slowly. Can't wait to meet this little boy and cuddle up during the fall weather. I'm not sure what Nebraska has against the spring & fall seasons but I'm crossing my fingers that we don't switch straight to winter!

Hope you all had a great holiday and that you are surviving the heat wherever you are!

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