Friday, July 11

Whistle While You Work & Save While You Clean

I've always liked the idea of making my own cleaning supplies. It seems to be better without the harsh chemicals and while it does take a little more work than just buying a product, it costs way less! Brand name products cost way too much and I'm really trying to keep our household spending down. I've successfully made and use regularly a homemade shower cleaner, laundry detergent and dishwasher tabs. All of my recipes are of course from Pinterest and here's my board dedicated just to Cleaning. So here's a run down of what I use and how I clean! (super exciting stuff!)

Laundry Detergent

I use the recipe found here and I love this stuff! Gets everything super clean in hot or cold water and smells great. The only "product" I buy for this is those scent crystals which I can usually find a coupon for. These could also be left out if you don't feel the need or want to spend $ on them. I also leave out the Oxy-Clean as that's not something I see a need for in our house. We don't use this on our cloth diapers or baby clothes just in case it would irritate delicate skin. We just use whatever free and clear detergent that I can find a coupon for.

Dishwasher Tabs
We've always just used the liquid stuff but I decided this was another thing I could probably make way cheaper myself. The website with the recipe, found here, says they are 3 cents a piece but I haven't done the math. We use these tabs and then just put white vinegar in as the rinse agent. Works great to keep spots off the dishes and no, it doesn't leave a vinegar smell. 

Shower Cleaner
I hated how harsh (and smelly) the store bought cleaners seemed and they really weren't cutting any soap scum. This is just sooo simple. I just squirt in maybe 1/2 cup blue Dawn dish soap and then probably 1 cup or more of vinegar. I spray down the shower, sink and around toilet. I leave it for about a half hour and then go back and scrub and wipe everything down. Sparkly clean! (vinegar doesn't smell awesome while cleaning but it is antibacterial and the smell goes away and helps deodorize everything you cleaned)

Other Stuff
For windows and tons of other surfaces, I use these Kay-Wos cloths that my husband's aunt gave me. You just get them wet and then ring out all the water. They clean EVERYTHING! I use them on windows, electronics, mirrors and even to dust if there's some really good smudges on the wood.
Finally, I don't use Windex or Pledge anymore. My mom bought me this Oxo brand microfiber duster which works awesome and is machine washable. You should be able to get it on Amazon if they're in stock.

So what are you doing to make cleaning easier, cheaper or healthier and safer for your family?! I'm always looking for ideas and would love to try something new if you've found the perfect *insert idea here*. Happy cleaning everyone!

*This post is not sponsored by any of the products mentioned. I just love using these things and wanted to share.

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  1. Norwex is a great company, and you can use their products with just water! The antibac cloths are amazing. They leave counters cleaner than any bleachy cleaner or vinegar, and you only use water with the cloth. Even chicken juice is cleaned better with the Norwex cloth than cleaners. I use them in my kitchen and bathroom for cleaning with just water. Pricey to buy the cloths unless you host a party (which I did), but you save on buying cleaner. I also have their mop (which is also antibacterial and uses just water). Love it!