Tuesday, June 3

Growing up too fast!

AKA...our little girl is in a big girl bed. I have so many mixed feelings about this but mostly I'm excited and really proud. That first night though, I felt mostly nervous. Is she ready for this or is she too young? Are we going to be able to handle the stress? What if it's a giant disaster? And then...Is she really asleep? What if she wakes up scared? Lots of what ifs and doubts. But I guess that's what parenthood is about a lot of the time.
So here's how we made the big switch and our results.
1) We started moving all of her toys, books and clothes to her new room. We did this because our 3rd bedroom has a huge closet and I always said that our daughter would get the big closet if our next baby was a boy.
2) We talked to her a lot about her "big girl room" and the baby room. She played in there and we got her excited about it.
3) We started talking about a big girl bed and then took her shopping when we picked up the mattress. 
4) Here's a big one...everyone that tells you to let them pick out something for their bed, is right!!! We let Kalli pick out her sheets and a new blanket. Cutest thing ever!!! I thought she would go for Minnie but we ended up with Elsa & Anna from Frozen. She gets so happy and points to them all the time!
5) Finally, we sat on her bed with her and talked to her about being a big girl and staying in her bed. We told her that it was only for night night and not for playing.

Night one, we followed the regular schedule for bedtime (bath, snack, book and bed) and then she spent 45 minutes making noise, rolling around and playing with her puppy & kitty. I had to go in a few times but she never got out of her bed. I was thoroughly impressed and super proud of her!
Night two, I went in to check on her less and she fell asleep in a half hour, even though we had storms all evening.
It seems to be going well so far. We are so excited that she has conquered this so quickly. We do expect some rough nights in the future but so far she is a major champ!

Way to go Kalli!!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!

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