Friday, June 27

Baby Boy Room

I am so excited to decorate our baby boy's room! Kalli's room was fun but also difficult because I don't like to do the pinky pink stuff. For this little man, I'm going rustic & modern with a lot of DIY projects. My colors will focus around lots of red, grey, white, cream and browns. Here are some inspiration images that I have pinned. (each picture links to that website/pin) And here's a link to my Pinterest board just in case you want to see even more if my ideas!
Love the numbered baskets and HAVE to find a star light like that!
Or make a star light like this!
Baskets on the wall...who would have thought?!
Really love the modern touch of the chevron.
Again, another modern touch.
Rustic alphabet, swoon! (And this would be a free project since we have lots of old barn wood.
Too cute, rustic, modern and again free to make.
Love the large letter and again combining the rustic modern thing.

Hope you enjoyed a preview of what's going on in my head for this little guy's room. I've started on a few projects and will definitely be sharing soon. Anyone interested in Kalli's room/projects? Maybe I will have to post about some of the girly stuff I made for her room!

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