Thursday, June 5

4 to Go!!!

4 more months that is, until we get to meet our little boy! I can not even believe that I am typing that. I know that every baby is a blessing but we are so happy to round out our family with a little baby boy. I also can not believe that I still have 4 more months to go. This second pregnancy has been really slow and long. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow so I thought that I would share how I’ve been documenting this pregnancy. With Kalli, I took pictures every week and really fell behind on the words and details. This time, the words and details are easier and the pictures just didn’t happen. So here’s a glance at me and the babes at 22 weeks.
How far along: 22 weeks
Gender: BOY!
Weight Gain: 13 lbs +
Maternity Clothes: yes
Stretch Marks: no more than before
Belly Button in or out: out-ish
Sleep: okay, except for sciatic nerve pain
Best moment this week: seeing my cousin Brandon before he leaves for Ohio        
Worst moment this week: started getting backaches & sciatic nerve pain
Miss anything: a cold beer in the summer evening
Movement: first kicks Friday the 6th!
Cravings: not really, I get really thirsty for a pop sometimes, mainly Coke
Queasy or sick: no, got dizzy a few times
Looking forward to: October due date!!! Can not wait for so many reasons!

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