Tuesday, September 13

To the Window, To the Wall

I promise that I will not continue to sing this song! Yikes! But this post really does have something to do with a window and a wall. 
Back at the beginning of August, I posted here about which wall I should hang an old window on. I've been having a bit of a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do with this old window anyways. I thought about putting mirrors in it, hiring someone to paint an old barn scene in the background and not even using it. For a refresher, here at the two images that I made up in Photoshop as ideas for what I wanted. 
 I sanded the old window and cleaned up the glass. Then, because I didn't like the stark white of the frame, I rubbed some dark stain over the whole thing and wiped most of it off. The frame seemed to fit better over the couch so I drilled some new holes, used a few anchors and screws and hung the old window. 
I still need to fill the old holes in the wall but I love it so far! I am going to add a wreath but I'm still sifting through ideas right now and will have to play with a few of them before I decide. I think it's pretty cool that we can use an old piece of our house to decorate our home now. It's just another small reminder of all the hard work that we did to get here today! See those brown pillows??? There will be a post coming soon about those!

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