Friday, September 23

The "Belle" of the Halloween Ball

Hello and happy Friday everyone! It's officially Fall and we are going to have some amazing fall weather this weekend! It will be perfect for finishing up a few outside projects on the to-do list. Today however, I want to share with you a customer appreciation photo. This is Belle! Her mommy bought her one of these cute Halloween headbands and took these adorable pictures! Her big sister will be getting one soon too. How about those big eyes and cute cheeks (try not to pinch your screen ladies)! I think she's going to look so cute all dressed up for Halloween with her cute new headband!
If you like Belle's headband, just check out This Country Love on Etsy!
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I wish you all a Happy Fall and hope that you have a great weekend!


  1. So cute! I'd like to special order one for Brynn for Christmas. I have her Christmas dress. It's black. Maybe black, red, and silver (or gold)?? I could just get it from you at Thanksgiving if there's a family event and pay you then too.

  2. I'd love to make one for her! I'll get to work playing around with some colors and fabrics!