Monday, November 1

Make It Yourself Monday *Postponed*

...until next week! We were gone over the weekend and I just didn't "make" anything. I was working on layouts however which you can check out below. Instead, I'm going to share my meal plan this week...
Monday - Italian Chicken Bake
Tuesday - Hamburger Green Bean Casserole
Wednesday - Brats
Thursday - leftovers 
Friday - ??? 
Saturday - Spaghetti with Cheesy Bread
Sunday - Chicken Noodle Soup

I have a huge stack of printed out recipes or recipes torn out of magazines. I'm going to attempt to try one new thing every week. If I like it, it will stay and if we don't I'll throw it out! I've found that if I just tweak a recipe a little bit for our tastes, that many more recipes get to stay in our collection. 
I also need to make a major effort in beginning my get in shape, lose weight, move more, eat less, get ready for the wedding program. I'll be designing my work out tracker soon and hopefully be able to stay away from too much yummy food this holiday's all in moderation right??? 

Have a wonderful Monday!

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